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‘I can face uncertain days because He lives’

By Lisa Stewart

Guest Columnist


In June of 2015 I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the third time. I quietly half-heartedly kept a journal.

This is one entry, or one day in the life of a cancer patient.… Read more

Letters to the editor

Observations from Letters to the Editor

There are at least three major sides to the situation that America’s critical moment in time.  There are the ways of the two major political parties, which differ dramatically, and there is the right … Read more

Let’s be Neighbors

Carolyn Mills,

Provides a weekly view from the



Pleasant Hill UMC hosted the mid-day revival service of Winston County Methodist this past Monday with Flower Ridge and Whitehall churches hosting the Tuesday and Wednesday services. All night services … Read more

Our hunting guide for all is in today’edition

Dear Sportswomen…

Being a wife, mother and holding down a full time job can get a little stressful at times, but thats life – and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

I’ve come to realize in the last several years … Read more

Letters to the editor

A country in

This wonderful country is in trouble thanks to the past eight years of the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton’s four years as Secretary of State.  Although I did not vote for President Obama, when he was … Read more

Letters to the editor

A great big thank you

On last Friday (August 25) Mr. Young and I drove into town to do errands. As we approached the city area nearing Vowel County Market we saw tents, booths, people. a kiddie jumping booth, and … Read more

Editorial Roundup

Voters not happy with either choice
No matter who wins the presidential election in November, chances are the next president will have one of the shortest honeymoons on record.

That’s because there is going to be a large portion of … Read more

Letters to the editor

Leaving Iraq

A few weeks ago Donald Trump the republican nominee for president of the United States declared with boastful pride that President Obama was the founder of ISIS which was music to the ears of his base.

Now to … Read more

What journalists and newspapers do


When Louisiana began flooding earlier this month, news coverage was split between the 2016 Rio Olympics and the upcoming presidential election. This was the worst natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy, and you barely saw it on TV … Read more

Editorial roundup

Let your views
be known

State Rep. Jay Hughes, D-Oxford, is making more waves in the Mississippi  Legislature than the typical freshman lawmaker.
The former Oxford city alderman and public school advocate is the one who  sued Republican House Speaker … Read more