It’s Elementary by Jennifer Palmer

The Fair Elementary PTO met on April 17th. Mr. Goldbeck’s Melody Makers performed. Wanda Smith, PTO president, spoke to the group about childhood behavioral disorders. Mrs. Smith works with Brentwood Behavioral Healthcare. Fair Elementary’s Community Blood Drive was held on April 26th in the Louisville Elementary auditorium. United Blood Services was able to acquire 24 units of blood, and each unit can potentially help up to 3 patients. Thanks to all who came out to donate blood. Thank- you also to all of the school staff who helped make the blood drive possible. MCT2 tests will be administered to the 3rd graders on our campus on May 8th -10th. These tests encompass language arts and math assessments that are aligned with federal legislation requirements. They are administered to students in 3rd-8th grades, and the results will be used to determine the school’s rating. Information gained from these assessments will guide educators in improving instruction and student achievement. Ways for parents to improve their child’s test success: • Be sure children get an adequate night’s sleep. • Encourage and remind them of the importance of a healthy breakfast that includes protein (cheese, eggs, milk, peanut butter, etc..), as well as carbohydrates (breads, fruit, cereal, etc..). If they normally eat at school, stress that they actually go by the cafeteria and eat. It may also be a good idea to offer a healthy breakfast at home on the test days, in particular, so that you will know they have eaten. • Reinforce the instruction they have received at school. Remind them to follow instructions closely and to do their very best.