Couple graduates from parenting class held by area group

By Elmetra Patterson

Jalissa-Harris Carter and her husband, Jerome Carter insisted on having their Parenting 1 to 4 Year Old Class with Family Specialist Elmetra Patterson even though the other parents in their apartment did not show. The Carters enthusiastically graduated from the class on Monday, April 23, 2012 with 10 training hours. The couple will celebrate their 1st Wedding Anniversary April 24, 2012. Kia Carter is a well behaved 6 week old beautiful baby girl. According to the instructor, this was a good experience having the baby present for the couple to experience hands on with their baby (not a doll) on bathing, feeding, including breast feeding, calming baby, handling, diapering, dressing, and caring for in times of illness from the Baby Care Workshop, Active Parenting Publishers. Jerome especially was appreciative of learning how to handle his baby girl. At the beginning of the class he was a bit awkward as if he thought he might break or drop her. After a few hours of training, he became more confident for which Jalissa is happy about. Jalissa expressed her desire to start a daycare center and said the classes would be helpful to her and the staff that she will hire. Jerome is a gospel rapper and can be contacted for booking at (662) 803-5251. He graduated from Louisville High School and hopes to do well as an artist. Both are visual artists as well. Parenting is one of the FREE CLASSES which is offered to 15 years and older through the Starkville School District’s Family Centered Program. These classes are offered in Winston, Choctaw and Oktibbeha Counties. Parenting Classes Goal: to educate parents on how to help their children make positive choices. Research has shown that teens want their parent’s guidance and that parents have the greatest influence on their children’s decision-making. Parents can help protect their kids from engaging in risky behaviors by: Connecting with them emotionally with time and love Sharing and modeling their values Setting and enforcing rules and limits Monitoring their activities Discussing the risks of tobacco, alcohol, drugs and premarital sex. Healthy Marriage Classes Goal: to promote strong, healthy stable marriages by providing workshops using the Family Wellness curriculum on topics such as financial management and communication skills. Responsible Fatherhood Classes Goal: to assist fathers in understanding and assuming responsibility for nurture, growth and development of their children. Abstinence Classes Goal: to prevent out-of-wedlock pregnancies, to prevent contracting sexually transmitted diseases and to educate youth These classes are for youth 10 to 19 years old. Please contact Elmarie Brooks or Rev. Larnzy Carpenter (662) 320-4607 or Elmetra Patterson (510) 672-2106 for more information.