Let’s be Neighbors by Carolyn Mills

Friends of Legion State Park met this week to finalize plans for the annual Kids and Kats Fishing Rodeo coming up May 5th. Frances Ball, opened the meeting with prayer. Several events coming up in May were discussed: signs to be put in place identifying trees along walking trail on May 10th, a walk open to the public around the trail will take place at 9:00 AM on May 11th; on May 16th beginning at 8:00 AM, a bird walk led by Dr. Jennie Jones will also be open to the public. The bird walk will start at the pavilion, but can be joined from the Chapel of the Pines by those who do not wish the steep uphill climb from the pavilion. Friends of the Park voted to place a tree in memory of Brian Nunnery, manager of the Park for many years who retired several years ago and passed from this life recently. We missed Lynn Cunningham at the Park meeting. She is enjoying a few weeks in Paris at this time. Ruth Warner was at the meeting which was held on Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, Ruth cooks lunch for her sons and sometimes grands. Hats off to Ruth, but guess cooking comes naturally to her since she and her late husband Jack Warner operated the Sale Barn Restaurant for many years. My grandson, Josh Mills and wife Jessie and children Rylee and Colton are moving into their new home, purchased recently in the Bafanwood subdivision. Jess’s mother Robin Clark will move into their house on Richardson Road. Josh and Jess were so sorry their dog attacked a neighbor, Mrs. Dempsey, but are unable to understand why. The dog was a registered boxer bulldog, not a pit bulldog as reported by the media. She was a family pet, but was kept in an enclosed backyard from which she escaped. Are not we grandparents proud of our grands. Paula and Chris Bane have bragging rights for their granddaughter, Chelsea Bane, a student at Northeast Meridian where she was short .03 points being named Salutatorian of 2012 graduates. Chelsea received a full band scholarship to Jones Junior College. Nancy Eaves is very proud of her granddaughter Amber who recently received an award for her work in the school of pharmacy at the University of Mississippi.Amberis the daughter of Richard and Gayle Eaves and a graduate of Nanih Waiya High School. Also very proud of her granddaughter Catherine Campbell, a student at Southern, is Cora Lynn Sullivan Campbell. Catherine is looking forward to going on a mission trip to South Africa with fellow classmates this Spring. Charlotte Files has joined the public school system in Weir as kindergarten teacher where she will be substituting for a teacher on leave of absence. Ate lunch at Vowell’s Convenience Store on Wednesday and enjoyed visiting with Bobbie Vowell who lives just behind the store and was there buying her lunch. She has her tomato plants out and they are growing well. Like me, she buys small plants with strong, sturdy stems, rather than the older leggy plants some prefer. Bobbie grows tomatoes for her son Rev. Mike Childs and family. Bobbie was going with her other son to West Point to see his doctor that afternoon. Also got to visit with Junie Fuller and her little granddaughter whom she picked up at Grace Christian School day care. Junie’s son Bobby Fuller and his wife, Rev. Stacy Parvin, and their three daughters will be moving to Brandon in June where Stacy will take on a new church. The family had to buy a home in Brandon as their new church does not have a parsonage. Bobby Fuller will be coming to MSU two days a week to teach after they move and he will bring the twins with him for Junie and the girls other grandmother to baby sit. Junie said her son’s new home has four bedrooms and one of them will be hers whenever she can visit. Angela Gay brought the April program for Green Thumb Garden Club at Winston Nursing Home. She filled in at the last minute for a cancelled program. Thanks Angela for the lovely story you read to the garden club members. R.L. McCool was presented a birthday gift by Mary Rose Moore. Mrs. Myrtiss Gillis led the pledge to the flag for the meeting. Raymond Allen, 98 year old resident of Winston Nursing Home, says he is going to live to reach his 100th in January of 2014. Way to plan Raymond, keep on with your positive attitude, eating well and walking for exercise in the home halls every day. Raymond and his late wife Vera Boswell, were married March 27th 1937 and lived their life together in the Shiloh community until a few months before her death. Congratulations on the arrival of another granddaughter for Albert and Lynn Moore who was born to Daniel and wife in Columbus on Thursday. Also welcoming the new baby is an older sister. Albert and Lynn have another granddaughter who belongs to their son Rod who lives in Utah. Norris Ward and wife Ouida have spent the last two weeks in Jackson where Norris had surgery for brain tumor. His recovery has gone well and the Wards plan to come home the first of next week. The roses have been beautiful this month, the bees swarmed early and lots of other things have been out of whack.