8th Air Force Historical Society to meet at Lake

From staff and press reports

Members of the 8th Air Force, World War II’s largest air force group as well as those in preserving the memory of the group will meet at Lake Tiak O’Khata April 27,28 and 29. The 21st annual reunion of the Mississippi Chapter of the 8th Air Force Historical Society will feature special guest speaker Walton Grayson. The event will also host several the surviving members of the 8th Air Force service members. One surviving member is Winston Countain Pruitt Lee. The Eighth Air Force Historical Society was created in 1975 to preserve the legacy of the “Mighty Eighth”, and the part it played in American history during World War II. Over the years, it has become a strong organization with an emphasis on remembering and honoring our comrades who served with distinction: the men who flew, the many thousands of ground crews, and those who worked in the background. One of the many activities they honor these great men is at the annual reunions. These Veterans, born in the 1920’s, were members of the greatest air armada of all times. They numbered 350,000 men and women with over 54,000 either killed in combat or taken prisoner. Their children and descendents, who are representatives of these veterans, saw the need to keep the history and experiences of these warriors alive The Mighty Eighth Army Air Force began on 19 January 1942 and was activated on 28 January 1942 at the Chatham Armory in Savannah, Georgia. The Eighth Air Force Historical Society, founded in 1975 by an original 8th Air Force pilot, Lt. Col. John Woolnough, serves as a central organization for its individual State Chapters and Wings.