Loraine Guyse

By: Allison Shanabrough

The countdown to Relay for Life is now at six weeks, and there is still time to start a team for the event on June 8. Loraine Guyse is this week’s featured cancer survivor from Winston County. She has been no stranger to cancer because she has battled with it on three different occasions. Guyse was diagnosed with uterine cancer in 2005, breast cancer in 2008, and breast and lung cancer in November 2011. She received no treatment for the uterine cancer and first round of breast cancer. After the diagnosis last November, she went through radiation and infusion injections, a chemotherapy replacement treatment. Guyse stated, “The injections are painful, but it doesn’t make you lose your hair like chemo. The injection sites did leave bad burns after six weeks.” During the first two battles with cancer, Guyse was seen by oncologists in Jackson, whom she had no complaints with. The third battle is when she began treatment at a clinic in Starkville with occasional trips to a clinic in Tupelo. According to Guyse, the staff at both clinics were great, and they really believed in her healing. That support was very important to Guyse as she went through treatment. Another thing that helped her fight through the cancer was staying active and working through her ministry at Doors of Hope. When asked to give advice to family and friends of cancer patients, Guyse advised, “I was strengthened by my family. Always be encouraging to your loved one fighting cancer and do whatever you can to alter their stress.” She also said the patients must be positive and follow through with treatment. Guyse believes that community involvement with Relay for Life is very important for several reasons. She stated, “So many people here have been diagnosed with cancer, and I have witnessed it through the ministry at Doors of Hope. People here need more information on the prevention of cancer.” She feels members of the community can strengthen resources for cancer survivors and patients if they just reach out. Guyse also hopes that members of the community can reach past the Relay for Life event and get involved in eliminating expenses, which is a big stress, for those in Winston County fighting cancer. Any community member who wishes to share their story of beating cancer, please e-mail Allison Shanabrough at allison.nicole518@gmail.com. For more information about Relay for Life, visit www.relayforlife.org/ winstonms or call Brandi Krajewski at (662)779-5111.