Public input sought on bridge replacement

From press reports

The Fish and Wildlife Service, Sam D. Hamilton Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge invites the public to comment on plans to replace an existing wooden deck bridge with a box culvert by Winston County Road Department. The existing road does run through the Refuge and is used by Refuge visitors and inholding residences. The site is located on what is called the Bevils Hill Road in the Refuge. Specifically, the site is in Section 32 Township 16-N, Range 14-E of Winston County Mississippi. The length of the overall project is approximately 400 feet and the width is 100 feet at the widest point. The groundwork for the construction project will include clearing a small number of trees on both sides of the bridge. This is necessary for equipment to access and remove the old bridge decking and place with a box culvert. A temporary construction easement will be granted to allow for construction of the box culvert. Site preparation, removal and replacement of the bridge along with improvement of both approaches will take approximately six months from time of start to completion. Comment period closes on May 1, 2012. Comments can be sent to Project Leader, 2970 Bluff Lake Road, Brooksville MS 39739 or emailed with “Comments” in the subject line to: Noxubee@FWS.GOV