It’s Elementary by Jennifer Palmer

Thank-you to Mrs. Jean Calvert for the Box Tops donation! We appreciate your thoughtfulness and support of our students! Also, thank-you to all those who participated in the recent spring fundraiser; and, to students and parents that completed addresses in the reach out books. Our school receives $5 for each completed book that we turn in. Congratulations to our Parent of the Year: Ben Comeaux. He is a dedicated & involved father to two of our Fair students: John Harvey & Naomi Comeaux. John Harvey is a second grader and Naomi is in kindergarten. Congratulations to Ben – we appreciate your support. Most parents (and school staff) will find kids need more motivation for their studies as the days grow warmer and spring activities begin. The 80 degree temperatures and increased daylight hours entice us to spend more time outdoors, and school work sometimes gets pushed aside. However, there are still 2 months of school left. How do you combat spring fever? Look at spring as a great opportunity to teach your children about time management. When kids come in from a long day of school, parents are tempted to let them spend several hours playing before homework is completed. When they first arrive home, by all means, offer them a snack and about 30 minutes of rest, but then encourage them to complete their assignments before playtime. Knowing that they will get to go outside or practice baseball, will be motivation in itself to complete their studies in a timely manner. Spring is a busy time at school also. The PE coaches are participating in a study through the University of Southern Mississippi that will hopefully give insight on how physical fitness relates to academics. The third grade students are undergoing Fitness Gram tests in anticipation of MCT tests that are coming up in May. This should help schools better prepare students for standardized tests and academic classes. Announcements March 27-29 – Pre-K Registration March 28 – Report cards sent home April 6-9 – Easter Break April 11-13 – Kindergarten Registration.