Airport Authority gains new member

By Daniel Brunty The Winston County Journal

The Winston County Board of Supervisors held their regular meeting on Monday, March 19 to discuss a an appointment regarding the Airport Authority Board. A joint city county appointment to the Airport Authority Board was made with Mike Forster selected for the post. Forster will replace Mark Donald who served 20 years on the board. Dr. Donald and four current members of the Airport Authority Board attend the meeting and addressed the supervisors to ask why the board did not consult with them before making their appointment. They also asked for the supervisors to reverse their decision on the appointment as well. Board of Supervisors’ President Larry Duran addressed Dr. Donald and the members of the Airport Authority Board with a synopsis of the situation. He explained that the Board of Supervisors had the appointment on the agenda their first meeting in February and they tabled the issue until March to see what the city board would do or suggest. During that time, Duran says the board had no contact in regards to the matter regarding the appointment and there was no interest at that time expressed to the Board of Supervisors from anyone , including the Airport Authority as well. Duran went on to explain that the person who the supervisors appointed (Forster) had expressed interest to one of the board members regarding the position. Since the board made the appointment, they would not change their decision. Dr. Donald explained to the board that in his previous terms he never had to express an interest for his position and the appointment had automatically been renewed for him. He stated that the issue seemed to be miscommunication and said he served the city and county boards and would respect their decision. The Board of Supervisors decided to stay with their original decision on the matter and the city approved Forster’s nomination in its meeting the following day. In other news, the Board of Supervisors: • Approved motion to relocate EMEPA power poles on Bluff Lake Road for state aid project. • Approved motion to advertise for the sale of Spartus gas tank and sale of surrounding silos • Approved motion to accept constable report from Roy Dale Fulton. • Approved letter for signatures for Dean Park. • Approved appointment of Jack Ingram as Dean Park caretaker • Approved appointments of Clementine Eichelberger, James Woodiel, Pat Fuller, and Sarah Garrigues to Library Board. • Approved permission for Tabby Dempsey to attend mandatory training for Justice Court Clerks. • Approved motion to reinstate homestead for Eric Ward and Patrick Phillips. • Approved memorandum agreement for the Teters building. • Approved Gloria Turnipseed’s attendance at the Mississippi Board of Supervisors Minority Caucus. • Approve $7,750.00 for the Airport Authority. • Approval to hire two correctional officers at the Winston-Choctaw County Regional Correctional Facility. The Winston County Board of Supervisors will meet again on April 2, 2012.