The Way We Were by Anna Jean Allen

Goodbye to Perry’s

In February 2012, a big piece of Louisville’s history faded away, and we miss it. Perry’s Department Store. It was begun by Mr. Perry Lunceford in the late 1940’s (I think) and carried on after him by his nephew, Odie Keen. Odie was a good merchandiser. He carried a good line of women’s, men’s and children’s clothing. He even carried linens that we couldn’t find elsewhere in town. The sales ladies were always courteous and helpful. When it became difficult for my mother to go down town to shop, many times she would call Perry’s and one of the salesladies would make a gift selection for Mother, even gift wrap it for her. Thank you, Odie. We’re going to miss you and Perry’s Department Store. Where are we going to find these services now? At one time, Louisville had at least five department stores: Stubs. Fair’s, Morgan’s and Perry’s. It seems the old saying is true…we don’t miss the water until the well runs dry. We should really appreciate our merchandisers. Everyone should be in business for himself for at least a year to understand all the problems involved. The following is a poem I wrote some years ago to thank those people who risk so much of themselves to bring us these services. Ode to Entrepenuers To those who put your fortune on the line, Who take the risk out in the marketplace, Who hope some profit shows in the design, But fully know a loss could be your fate. Entrepenuers! You who take the chance That goods and services which you provide Will be the ones demanded by your town, who frequently receive so little thanks Regardless of how very hard you’ve tried To keep your values up…your prices down. Remember yesteryears’ necessities… Wood stoves, flat irons, rub-boards, Oil lamps and such made obsolete by electricity? These products didn’t sell, just gathered dust. Today it’s much the same for those who sell, Who must outguess the market’s whims and need And still maintain a helpful attitude. Good luck to you! When you succeed our town does well: Our growth and progress follow at your lead. Your efforts have deserved our gratitude.