Ella Forster celebrates 99 years

From press and staff reports

Ella Forster recently celebrated her 99th birthday with family and friends. Ella came to Louisville in 1928 when her father “Dutch” Forster moved his family here from Laurel to work in the local GM&O railroad shop. Ella was in the 10th grade, and after graduating from Louisville High School, she also went to work for the GM&O railroad in Louisville as secretary to the Southern District Superintendent. When the Louisville location was closed, she moved back to Laurel and finished the last 7 years of her 30 year career with the railroad. Upon her retirement in 1968, she returned to Louisville and has made it her home ever since. Ella was a legend within railroad circles for her ability to recall 16 digit boxcar numbers from memory. It is said she could accurately predict the arrival of a particular boxcar and shipment within a matter of hours, and it was all done in here head, no computers. Her memory is almost as good at 99 as it was in those days, and she enjoys sharing stories about her long career with family and friends.