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Carolyn Mills, Provides a weekly view from the community.

The funeral of Coley Chambliss was held in Porter Funeral Home Chapel on February 19th with Rev. Jim Garner officiating. Garner was life long friend of Chambliss as they grew up together in Louisville and remained best of friends throughout the years.
Rev. Jim who was called ‘ Jimmy’ during his school days is the son of the late Howard and Sybil Garner.
Drew Thomas accompanied himself on guitar and sang “Big Rock Candy Mountain”, favorite song of Coley, to begin the service and “I’ll Fly Away” to end it.  Tears came as friends and family remembered the “hobo” spirit that Coley possessed, never concerned with gathering material possessions, but loving to fish, hunt, golf and give, not receive, worldly gifts. He worked for the railroad, but certainly was never a ‘hobo”
He loved poetry and could quote many. He loved his grandchildren and taught them all to quote the well-loved poem that begins “ I think I shall never see, a poem as lovely as a tree”. His granddaughter Bella Burchfield quoted the poem during his funeral service. Several of Coley’s many friends gave eulogies and lifted the sadness of the occasion by relating funny stories about him.
Coley’s daughter, Klaye Burchfield, and family were saddened by his death and also the death of her husband’s mother Wanda Shinn Burchfield and his grandmother Clara B. Burchfield, all of whom passed from this life within a few weeks of each other, recently. Janice Dill, new-comer to Winston County is a member of Winston Garden Club and helps with
the Green Thumb Garden Club at Winston Nursing Home. She led the residents in singing several familiar hymns during their February meeting. The nursing home garden club is led by  it’s own officers who are Alice Coleman, president, and Katrina Randall, secretary. Different members of the club hold the flag while the pledge is repeated in unison.
Everyone was glad to have Katrina Randall back at the nursing home after having a large tumor removed from her hip recently.
Several of the Green Thumb members reported that the bulbs they planted in containers at the January meeting had bloomed and Mary Lois McGaugh proudly brought her plant that had grown more than a foot in height so that she was forced to tie it upright.
Ash Wednesday service was held at Flower Ridge UMC, Sorry I missed it. Rev. Mike Dowd led  the ritual for members of the Wildwood Choir at their practice session on Wednesday before he went to Flower Ridge.  The forty day season of Lent observed by our Methodist churches has officially begun. Did you give up anything for Lent? This year I am giving up sweet tea, my favorite beverage. The first Christians gave up rich pastries, meat, and other foods. The King Cake was a way of using up eggs, cream etc. before Lent.
The annual Distinguished Young Women pageant was held on Saturday night at Louisville High School sponsored by Junior Auxiliary. Only nine eleventh grade girls from schools in Winston County took part this year. One  young woman who was home schooled was declared winner of the title. Winston Academy, Louisville High School, and Ninih Waiya High School were represented, There were several monologs, one piano selection, a flute solo, and several vocal selections presented in the talent portion of the event.
The stage was decorated in a Mardi Gras theme and was very attractive. I do not know all who worked on the decorations, but I do know Cindy Baker was one. Cindy is the daughter of Margie and Henry Clay Bane from this neck of the woods and daughter in-law of Peggy and Billy Baker. A very talented young lady.
Last year’s Distinguished Young Woman was Mary Katherine Black who is also from this neck of the woods, the daughter of Helen and Barry Black and granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Black. She stole the show last night in this writer’s opinion, performing on the piano, introducing the contestants and also giving them their question and presenting awards. All of her evening gowns were beautiful and she was lovely in all of them.
Sunday attendance at Center Ridge worship service was , to say the least, below par even for a small rural church. Several who are regular in attendance were absent because of sickness in their families. Although Norma Black came home Saturday from the hospital in Columbus where she was treated from the previous Sunday when she was admitted, suffering from severe pain in her left arm and wrist, she and her family did not attend worship.
The family of Nan Carr was also absent. Nan’s daughter-in-law Becky Carr has been a patient in St Domonic’s Hospital in Jackson since last Thursday. As of Saturday, her condition had not been diagnosed. Nancy Jean went down on Friday to help and Nan and her daughter Beth and family went down Sunday, so they did not attend worship service.
Girl Scouts are celebrating their 100th birthday. Cookies are being delivered this week by Girl Scouts. Amber Young and her scout delivered my cookies and I had a chance to visit with my neighbor who lives across Shiloh Road from the home of the late Kevin Mills.  Amber works in the Jewel Shoppe and she and her husband and daughter are members of one of the latest Southern Baptist congregations to be formed in Winston County; The WAY located between Louisville and Noxapater on Highway 15,  Amber was baptized there recently, along with several others. The congregation uses a live band to accompany the contemporary songs shown on a screen.
Methodist gathered at Flower Ridge UMC on Sunday at 6:00 PM for their annual Spring Rally. No preaching allowed, just music provided by folks from several of the county Methodist congregations.
The host church brought the opening numbers with a medley of hymns played on guitar, flute, and keyboard by Charles Clark, his daughter Rev. Scarlett Shepherd, and Beth Hemphill. Rev. Larry Haggard and Scarlett sang a duet and the church choir sang with Lynda Reed leading the congregational hymns. Lynda also sang a duet with Scarlett . Mary Jane Clark accompanied them on the piano.
Rev. Chance May of Noxapater UMC sang a solo. J.P. Fulton of Middleton UMC played a medley of hymns on his harmonica and quoted a lovely poem he has written . Also Miss Emily Holdiness of Middleton sang a solo accompanied by Mrs. Anne Smith..
Rev. Stacy Parvin from Whitehall led in prayer and the Whitehall Choir directed by Sharon Eaves sang accompanied by Ada Emily Woodward on the piano.
Rev. Mike Dowd was in charge of the offering which is always taken at Methodist gatherings.The Wildwood Choir directed by Teresa Ingram accompanied by tape sang one number and the Methodist Men’s Chorus sang two accompanied by Ann Smith on the piano.and directed by Dr. Dewitt Crawford. The Methodist Men’s Chorus have a theme song “I’ll Fly Away” that everyone who hears it, absolutely loves.
Rev. Mike Childs dismissed the song service and blessed the food set up in the church kitchen and dinning area and brought by those attending the service. The dinning area looked so lovely with lovely spring flowers and Easter decorations by Donna Woodruff and her mother Pat.