Habitat holds fundraiser

Habitat holds fundraiser By Daniel Brunty
The Winston County Journal

The Winston County Habitat for Humanity held their 2nd Annual Banquet this past Saturday at Lake Tiak O’ Khata in Louisville.
The event, which began at 6 p.m., recognized the family of Dennis Hooks family, who are the recipients of the latest home that HFH is in the process of constructing. The event began with a special welcome greeting from Winston County HFH President Glenda Johnson.
In her welcome, Johnson recognized all the volunteers who are helping the Hooks build their new home, as well as recognizing the Hooks family for all their hard work during this process.
Next was an introduction of the Hooks family by HFH board member Dean Miller. Miller gave the audience a brief summary of how the Hooks family was chosen from a number of other families to be the recipients of the new home.
After, Johnson gave an introduction of Hooks family member Cameron Hook, who led the audience in a prayer before the serving of the dinner.
Once the dinner had taken place, Julie Cunningham introduced the speaker of the night for the event, Executive Director and COO of HFH Paul Griffin Jones III.
Jones, who is known by “Trey”, started off his presentation by explaining the differences between a house and a home. He also explained the importance of community in regards to what HFH is trying to do. Following the saying that HFH provides homes, community, and hope, Jones gave the audience a picture of the vision that HFH is trying to achieve, as well as future plans of the organization.
Jones went on to explain the actual process of HFH in regards to how the homeowner’s mortgage is used for other homes and the mission principles of the organization.  He also went on to address and dismiss the myths the public has about HFH, such as families recieiving free homes and issues regarding the reasons why HFH provides housing.
Jones ended his presentation by showing a video entitled “Habitat: What We Build”, which featured stories of actual HFH homeowners and statistics regarding the organization.
Johnson then presented Jones with a gift basket for his service and dedication to HFH. Johnson then went on to recognize the board members who were present, elected officials attending the event, as well as any out of town guest who attended.
After, a drawing for the door prize for the night was done by Johnna Williamson and Catlyn Hooks. The winner of the door prize was Brock Rogers. Next was the drawing for the prize of the night, which was a stainless steel grill and cooking utensils. This drawing was done by Hooks family member Victoria. The winner of the grill was Louisville’s own J.J. Jenkins.
Johnson then gave her closing remarks for the night. The event ended with a closing prayer for HFH board member Bennie Sanders.
If you would like to make a donation to HFH, or would like more information, please contact 662-736-0037.