Rotarians hear updates from state representative

By Daniel Brunty

The Winston County Journal


Members of the Louisville Rotary Club were given a status of the affairs at the State Capital during their weekly meeting this past Wednesday.

District 43 Representative Michael T. Evans spoke to Rotarians about a few issues that are raising concern in the state of Mississippi and its overall effects on the general public.

Evans first informed the group that the new open carry weapons law was approved by both houses of the Mississippi Legislature and signed by the governor. This new law will allow for any Mississippian to open carry a gun, with or without a permit. He expressed how business owners were concerned about customers entering the store with weapons on them. Evans explained how they would need to create a sign to display to ban weapons from their respective business.

Evans then expressed concerns regarding charter schools coming into the local area.  These arose from the fact that if charter schools were available, and students from the public school system chose to attend them, they would take funding from the public school, which would be detrimental.

Evans wanted to also congratulate the City of Louisville for passing the hotel & motel tax, which will see a two percent increase. He hopes that this will generate additional revenue for the city, and have benefits county wide.

Evans main concern was in regards to the Affordable Health Care for America Act. After giving a brief definition of what exactly the Act would do and how it worked, he explained how state officials were in discussing the issue of Medicaid, and how at this time is said to be soon running out.

Evans informed the Rotarians that before Medicaid would be stopped, it would more than likely be extended at the last minute. He also expressed his concerns with the local hospitals, which at this time are seeing big deficits due to the Act not being enforced in the state.

The representative wrapped up his speech by answering any questions that the Rotarians had. The Rotary Club of Louisville hosts weekly speakers every Wednesday at noon in Lake Tiak O’Khata. For more information you may contact a local Rotarian about attending an event and/or membership.