Community Resource Guide available in area

From press reports

A Winston County Community Resource Guide is now available.

After two years of work, the first listing of governmental,
nonprofit, charitable, civic and service organizations who serve the
Winston County area is complete.

The 100 page booklet lists contact information and services offered
to those who may be in need. From drug and alcohol services to
domestic violence to educational resources, the guide provides the
first summary list available in our area.

Begun as a simple idea back in 2011, the Resource Guide was first
proposed by the Winston County Partners for Community Living (WCPCL),
a local nonprofit umbrella organization. Guide development went
through several stages. Its completion was a goal of the “Turning the
Tide on Poverty Project” that was undertaken in Winston County in the
winter and spring of 2012. This helped bring the final guide to

Frank Cooper and other members of WCPCL, Rita Tanksley of the Winston
County Extension Office and others across the community were
instrumental in completing the guide. William McCully of Winston Web
News completed the compilation and prepared the guide for publication.

Users of the guide will find such things as educational resources for
children and adults, a list of day care centers and pharmacies in the
area, agencies to provide charitable help in times of need, drug and
alcohol rehabilitation services, local governmental agencies and area

McCully said “This is our first attempt at such a guide and we are
aware that there are some agencies and organizations missing from the
list. We intend to continue to maintain this and add and adjust the
guide on a regular basis as needed. Representatives of organizations
that feel they should be included in this guide or if they find a
mistake in their current listing should contact WCPCL so that
corrections can be made for the next edition.”

In addition to a printed guide, a website has been established online
where organizations and individuals can print a copy of the guide for
their own purpose. The website at has a
printable PDF of the guide and also links to all agencies that have
an online presence.

Printed Copies of the guide are limited due to costs and they are
available for review in the following locations:Louisville City
Clerk’s Office, Noxapater City Clerk’s Office, Winston County
Chancery Clerk’s Office, Winston County Medical Center, Winston
County Extension Office, Winston County Sheriff’s Office, Winston
County Library, and Winston County Chamber of Commerce.