Let’s be Neighbors by Carolyn Mills

The Men’s Chorus of First Methodist will present special music
instead of usual sermon on the last Sunday night of April, according
to Peggy Crawford whose husband Dr. DeWitt Crawford is director of
the group. The public is cordially invited to attend the service.

Center Ridge UMC will celebrate their annual Memorial Day Service on
May 5th with Charles Bond bringing the message at 11:00 a.m. worship
service. Potluck lunch will follow the worship service. A special
program “Less We Forget” will be held after lunch and if you would
like to share a memory of a loved one you have buried in Center Ridge
Cemetery, please plan to stay for the program. A few have been asked
to remember members of their family, but everyone who has family
buried there has not been contacted.

Kitty Sue Miller (Bobby Zane) was laid to rest in Pleasant Hill UMC
Cemetery this week. She and her siblings grew up in the Pleasant Hill
community. She and Bobby Zane lived for several years in Weir and
operated a small café there. They came back to his old home place and
Kitty Sue has been a faithful member of Pleasant Hill UMC every
since they returned. Rev. Mike Dowd brought the funeral address and
Kitty Sue’s granddaughter Rebecca sang two specials and Tracy McCully
sang one special.

My potatoes came up to a perfect stand. David sharpened my hoe and
they have been hoed around. The question now is, will they get killed
by the April 21st frost predicted by the thunder on the 21st of

Julie Mills, Billy Catt, Danny, Gidget, and Landon Mills attended the
Railroad Festival held in Amory last weekend.

Rev. Mike Dowd and Charlotte returned from a nice vacation spent in
Navarre Beach, Florida and reported a very good time, especially
listening to the music of the waves as they had rooms right on the
beach. They also found a great place to eat and if you know Bro.
Mike, you know how he loves good food.

Joyce Hull is threatening to kill some blue birds. She is normally a
very kind and loving lady, but anyone can be pushed into doing
something not in their nature. It seems Joyce has tried everything
anyone suggests to stop the blue birds from attacking her car and
pooping all over it, but nothing has worked so far.

Does anyone reading this column want a beautiful dog, a chocolate lab
with a white chest, which has taken up on our road? The dog has
been well taken care of, has on a collar with no name and definitely
belongs to someone, but we have not learned who that might be. He
needs to find his owner or a new owner!

My neighbor on Shiloh Road, Vernice Bruce, was given a female dog
which she learned to love but found out only recently the mixed breed
dog is pregnant. She does not want puppies so anyone reading this is
urged to give Vernice a call and request a puppy. She will be glad
to give you one of the puppies when they arrive. Call this writer for
more information.

Recently the daughter of the late Ernest and Nora Clark, Glenda Yoder
of Boulder, Co and her cousins Joan Agent and Johnny Lee (Cotton)
Clark came to my house for a visit. We spent most of Tuesday
afternoon remembering things about my friend Ernest whom I began
corresponding with shortly before Nora passed away. We both were
writing columns for THE CHOCTAW CHRONICLE.at the time. Glenda spent a
week here making arrangements for a memorial service for her parents
and her sister whose ashes were brought back to Shiloh Baptist Church
for burial.
Mike Skipper recently was the featured speaker at Winston Garden
Club. He spoke on environment concerns and then graciously answered
questions asked by members of the club. Of course one of the
questions was about how to get rid of fire ants. His answer was that
he still followed what he learned many years ago, which is Amdro. He
puts it out three times a year on his lawn as a bait and the worker
ants carry it back to the mound. If a mound does appear in your yard,
do not apply the amdro bait, but use a drenching method.

Another question asked was “how can I control mosquitoes in my rain
barrels? His answer, “ a product is available at WalMart and the Co-
Op that you place in the barrels and the larva will die”.

Another question asked was “ how can I get rid of Nutgrass? Nut
grass is a hard ‘nut’ to crack, it keeps coming back. You must keep
poisoning it until it finally dies.

Congratulations to Bubba Hudspeth on being appointed by Gov. Phil
Bryant to a six year term on the board that oversees Community Colleges.

Winston Miles called that she enjoyed reading about my great-
grandfather and Archie’s great-grandfather being in the Franklin, TN
Battle fought during the War Between the States. She also had a great-
grandfather that fought for the South in that battle.

I promised to tell more about Michael Ingram’s recent dog trial
contest. I will when I can catch up with either him or Teresa.

Teresa is very busy getting her students ready for their recital to
be held at Pleasant Hill UMC on Friday night April 27th.

A graveside service was held at Center Ridge UMC on Wednesday of this
week for Alfred Dempsey, the son of Waymon and Orene Dempsey. His
grandparents, George and Barrzee :Lee Dempsey, and their son Waymon
are buried in Center Ridge Cemetery.