Bright Came the Word from His Mouth

From Mary Snow

On Friday evening, April 26th in our Strand Theatre at 7:00 pm, out
community will have the opportunity to not only hear a new musical
work… an epic… by one of our own, but have the opportunity to support
him with our presence, and though this young man is still growing in
his ministry and his craft of music, I am indeed excited to hear his
latest album and hear the depth and understanding of his faith
through his lyrics and music.

Matthew Clark is the consummate musical storyteller. He was inspired
to write “Bright Came the Word from His Mouth” by Sandra Richter’s
Book, Epic of Eden. “Richter’s purpose for writing the book was to
put the Old Testimate in a usable order so readers could gain a
better understanding of God’s Redemptive Plan.”

Meticulously, Matthew weaves lyrics and melodies in his folk style
supported by sounds of the Mississippi Blues to the strains of
Appalachian folk music. The musical stories of his new release are
captivating and every person of faith should make this evening of
music a priority. It’s that good!

He has worked on staff at the Wesley Foundation of Ole Miss, FUMC
Grenada and the Orchard in Oxford. He is a Compassion International
Advocate sponsoring children in poverty and participates in a
ministry, nightlight recording ministry, which helps songwriters in
ministry create resources for ministry. He now has 5 albums and is a
full time songwriter in ministry.

Mark your calendars, Friday Evening, 7 pm., The Strand Theatre, $10
tickets, which are on sale in advance at the Jewel Shoppe. Tickets
will also be sold the evening of the performance, but wouldn’t it be
nice to have them all sold before then!! What a wonderful evening for
all of our youth groups, of every denomination to experience. What a
wonderful evening to celebrate one of our own!

There is so much going on in our community, and that is just what we
are, a community of Winston County. So often we think of ourselves in
the context of where we live, but our whole county is our community.
No one part of our county can stand by itself, we depend on each
other, and that’s the way it should be.

Changing the subject, but an event that I must announce, the business
on Main Street has created a series of new events. “3rd Thursday Main
Street Louisville” is the new event; something new and different will
happen each 3rd Thursday of every month to celebrate our community.

April’s 3rd Thursday is April 18th; the sidewalks will be filled with
tents and huge sidewalk sales. The shops and restaurants will be open
late… So everyone make sure to mark your calendars for this special
event as well.

“Growth must be intentional, nobody improves by accident.”

Live Well.