News of the Past by C.J. Johnson

100 Years Ago –April 11, 1913
NOXAPATER: Misses Lyda Coleman, Eva Hickman, Hassie Jackson, Virgie
and Arline Reed, Pearl VanLandingham, Ora McBrayer and others went up
to Louisville Friday evening and attended the county examination for
teachers. –

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Crawford spent Sunday in the home of Mr. Burgess
Hopkins in the Plattsburg area. – Miss Emma Webb of Webb Springs
was a guest of Mrs. Joe Carter Wednesday.

Late news came that the mill of Mr. W. W. Estes, about six miles
south of Louisville, was completely destroyed by fire about 11
o’clock last night.

LOUISVILLE: Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Taylor have returned to their home
county of Winston to live, after having resided in the Lone Star
State for many years. They have relocated to Highpoint. We are glad
to have them home. – Mr. H. M. Ellis is now comfortably domiciled
in his handsome new home about a mile south of town. – Miss Ruby
Haynes was called to her hometown of McCool last Sunday by the
accidental shooting of her 15 year old brother, who died Monday.

75 Years Ago – April 8, 1938
It was announced that the Nanih Waiya Indian mound, five miles west
of Fearn Springs, will be the site of the combined July 4th
Celebration for five counties: Winston, Neshoba, Kemper, Noxubee, and

LOUISVILLE: John Tranum was rushed to Rush Infirmary, Meridian,
Wednesday night where he underwent an operation for appendicitis. –
Mrs. Grady Brazeale of Scooba is here on a visit to her sister, Mrs.
C. E. King. – Mrs. Earl Mills left this week for Pontotoc where she
has accepted a position in the Farm Security Administration office.

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Woodward and family attended last Sunday, April
3rd, the birthday celebration of their grandmother, Mrs. Warren, on
her 103rd birthday, at the family home a few miles east of Philadelphia.

DEATHS: NEW HOPE reported the death of the baby of Mr. and Mrs.
Allen Patterson on March 26. – Funeral services were held Monday
afternoon at the Noxapater Baptist church for Mrs. Emma Gregory, 85,
wife of the late Mr. Anderson Gregory. She died at the family home a
few miles southeast of Louisville, following an illness of several
months. Her death was acknowledged by a tribute from the black
community, written by Pick Owens, who spoke of his great sorrow for
his “old Mistress” who had always “treated his family with the
greatest kindness.”

NOXAPATER: Miss Mary Gwendolyn Lampley left Monday for Philadelphia,
where she has accepted a position. – Mr. and Mrs. Phillips of
Philadelphia were guests of their son W. E. Phillips and family last
Sunday. – Friends of Capt. Thomas of the Grenada Bank system were
glad to meet him here Saturday. He was accompanied by his secretary,
Mrs. Smith, and Mr. G. W. Patty of Louisville.

MARRIAGES: Mr. Roy Knighton and Miss Almadine Dempsey were married
at the home of Judge W. J. Bane on March 26th, Judge Bane saying the

Mrs. Arthur Eaves was honored by her family with a birthday dinner
celebrating her 68th birthday.