Let’s be Neighbors by Carolyn Mills

At the April meeting of Winston Guards # 2643 Mississippi Division of
United Daughters of the Confederacy, Frances Woodruff portrayed Carrie
The lady who has become known as the “Widow of the South” for her
role in creating the final resting place of soldiers of the North and
South who fought at the Battle of Franklin, TN

Frances was dressed in the classic black type of frock worn by widows
of the period, high necked, and long sleeved. An antique brooch was
fastened at the throat, a snood held Frances’ hair in a smooth
fashion and over it she wore a lovely black hat. Black lace gloves
completed her attire. Absolutely beautiful!

Franklin Woodruff, husband of Frances, and David Mills, my son,
joined the ladies of Winston Guards, both of them having had great-
great grandfathers who fought with the Confederate forces in the
Battle of Franklin. In fact, David had two great-great grandfathers
who participated in that battle; James Mills and Samuel Henry
Caperton, both of whom were captured as they pursued the Union army
as they withdrew from the area.

My great-great grandfather, Samuel Caperton was sent to Camp Douglas
in Chicago as a prisoner of war. Archie’s great-great grandfather,
James Mills, came home in time to gather the fodder as he told his
family and none of them know how he escaped being made a POW.

Gwynn Hall received her certificate of membership in UDC at the April
meeting of Winston Guards #2643. At a previous meeting Paula Fulton
and Theresa Bridges had received their certificates.

Cherry trees, apple trees, flowering crabapple trees and blueberry
bushes are in full bloom in my yard. The sugar maple is putting on
leaves and the Japanese maple is showing off a lovely growth of red
leaves which will later turn green.

And my potatoes have finally started to come up. I had given up hope,
thinking they had rotted in the ground after so much rain since they
were planted.
We may have some “pistol packing mamas” in our neighborhood now that
several ladies have taken an eight hour course training in how to
handle a hand gun. There have been several training sessions
sponsored by Ball Creek Hunting Club at their clubhouse, but two were
for men only.

A lovely Memorial Service for Ernest and Nora Clark and two of their
daughters was held at Shiloh Baptist Church on Saturday afternoon.
Rev. Jay Murphy, pastor at Shiloh brought a sweet message and sang
two special solos accompanying himself on his guitar in the
sanctuary. Glenda Yoder and Mitzi Pavichi, daughters of Ernest and
Nora, each gave eulogies and then called on others attending to share
memories if they wished. Several did, among them Bill Barrett a long
time friend of the Clarks. Mitzi’s husband and Glenda’s son Clark who
drove 800 miles to attend his grandparents’ memorial service.

Several of the children of Bobbie June, one of the Clark’s deceased
daughters, were present at the Memorial Service. I met them, but
failed to write down their names. They were all from out of Winston

Several relatives of the Ernest and Nora Hudson Clark from the local
area attended. Present were: Phyliss Wright Davis,( a Hudson
relative), Anna Jean Allen,( a Cagle relative), all of the local
Clark boys and Sylvia, wife of Bobby Clark. Johnny Lee and Yvonne
Clark who are present day members of Shiloh Baptist, Joan Agent and
Kenny Atkinson, whose mothers were siblings of Ernest. Johnny Lee is
the son of Ervin Clark, a brother of Ernest.

The Family Life Center of Shiloh had been beautifully decorated by
Mitzi. A delicious array of finger foods was laid out on several
tables. I have tried to call Yvonne, but was unable to reach her. I
know she made the coconut cake and the pound cake, but what else and
who else brought food I do not know.

Pleasant Hill UMC welcomed members of Center Ridge UMC to a joint
worship service on 1st Sunday. Rev. Mike Dowd and Charlotte were
away and John Vowell brought the message at the service. Two prayer
quilts were dedicated at the service: one for Loraine Sistrunk, and
one for Molly Howard.

Several people were placed on the prayer list including Bill Catt,
Walter Clark, Betty Eaves,( sister-in-law of Mary Burroughs), and
Larry Massey.

A lovely floral arrangement graced the piano at the Pleasant Hill
worship service. It was made by Paula Bane who used flowers from her
yard, snowball blooms still in their green color and pussy willow
from a bush given Paula by her late mother, Pauline Pearson.

Was talking with Mary Rose Moore and learned that she had spent the
Easter holiday with her daughter, Jackie and granddaughters and great-
grand-daughter in Ridgeland.

W.L., Murrey and Robin Black spent the weekend in Florida with
Patrick Black Sr. and his family and attended the opening of
Patrick’s new store.

Michael Ingram spent the weekend in Louisiana participating in a dog
trial. Will find out more when he gets home and pass it along.