Supervisors seek timber, heavy haulers help

By Joseph McCain
The Winston County Journal

The Winston County Board of Supervisors request all timber haulers
and other heavy haulers on county roads notify them before beginning
any hauling jobs in the county.

“I need to know when they are moving timber,” said Supervisor Larry
Duran noting that he could keep the roads fixed and safe if he knew
ahead of time when and where timber was being hauled out.

Duran broached the subject noting that two different roads in his
district had been damaged by timber haulers and several citizens had
problems and complained about driving on the damaged roads.

“If I knew ahead of time that they were hauling I could have
equipment out there to remedy the situation immediately,” said Duran.

Hugh Hathorn noted that the board did have a hauling permit and a
board order asking timber and other heavy haulers to notify the
county supervisor about hauling, The supervisor and the timber
company would then work together to plan out the best route to move
the timber through safe roads and roads that would cause the least
amount of damage. Hathorn added that the permit and order were mainly
a courtesy.

Supervisors Mike Peterson and Luke Parkes noted that most of the
timber haulers in their districts did notify them when they were
hauling but did authorize a notification be placed in the newspaper
to encourage all heavy haulers notify the supervisors of hauling in
the county.

In a related matter, three members of Mills family addressed the
board about timber haulers tearing up Shiloh Road. Supervisor Gloria
Turnipseed noted that she had talked with the three companies hauling
timber in the area and all agreed to begin using another unpaved road
for hauling. Turnipseed added that one of the timber haulers had even
brought in dirt to repair the unpaved road in case any damaged
occurred to it.

Mills family noted that the new hauling routes were working better.

The supervisors agreed the timber hauling was a vital economic part
of Winston County and the board just needed a way to plan with the
haulers the safest method for moving the heavy loads through the county.

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