Let’s be Neighbors by Carolyn Mills

Thanks to the neighbors who sent me, as neighborhood chairman, their
contributions to the American Heart Association. Your checks have
been mailed to headquarters. If you did not get around to returning
the self-addressed envelope to me, you can still make a contribution.
I was sent an envelope to mail in any late arriving contributions.

The Mills family was sorry to learn of the recent death of Gerri
Mills, widow of the late Emmett Mills, Jr. who moved to Michigan area
after finishing high school at Ford. He met and married Gerri; they
had two sons and a daughter and lived in Belleville, MI during their
lives together there (until death parted).

Emmett’s sister, Irma Ruth Lenoir of Brandon, was called by his son
and notified and she let the rest of the relatives know of his death.
She did not plan to attend his funeral. If anyone from Mississippi
did attend I will learn and pass it on through this column.

Tank Larson is back at our exercise class after an absence which
began before Christmas. Sue Ann Ryals led our exercises the last day
I attended. Angela Stewart, our regular leader was absent taking her
husband for a doctor appointment.

Gayle Wekenman and her husband Tom have moved to Alaska, where he
began a new job. Gayle will certainly be missed by her family and
friends in Winston County, especially her parents, Grace and Marshall
Beck, and also her customers at the Jewel Shoppe where she worked
part time.

Amber Burchfield Young will be moving when school lets out for the
summer. Amber’s husband has already gone to his new job. Amber is
employed at the Jewel Shoppe and presently lives in our neighborhood
in the home she and husband bought from Patrick Black when he
relocated to Florida a couple of years ago.
The Methodist Ministry annual Spring Rally was held at Noxapater
Methodist Church with their pastor David Meadows acting Master of
Ceremonies. The host church choir with Danny Parker, director, and
Anna Claire Webb, pianist, performed first.

Noxapater Choir was followed by First Church Methodist Men’s Chorus,
directed by Dr. Dewitt Crawford with Ann Smith accompanying on the
piano.. Only seven of the members

of the Chorus were present at the Rally. They were very good, as
always, especially on their theme song “I’LL FLY AWAY.”

Flower Ridge Choir was next on program with Mary Jane Clark on the
piano. I believe Frances Woodruff directs this group, but she did not
stand out front. Flower Ridge Choir has both their pastor, Larry
Haggard and his wife Eve as choir members. Nice Bro. Larry can sing
as well as preach., which is rather unusual.

Mr. J.P. Fulton performed the next number on the program,
entertaining on his harmonica. Mr. Fulton is faithful to support his
church Middleton Methodist.

The last group to perform at the Rally was the “Wildwood Choir”
composed by members of both Pleasant Hill and Center Ridge Methodist
Church. Teresa Ingram directs this choir and she does stand out front
and eyeballs the ladies and two gentlemen that compose the group.
Rev. Larry Haggard says Teresa rivals Whoopy Goldberg in her body
movements while directing.

There were several members of Whitehall UMC present at the Rally but
their choir did not perform.

After the program, refreshments were served in the Family Life Center
of host church which is so nice. Everyone brought finger foods and
three long tables were needed to set out the goodies. YUM YUM.

By the way, since the Rally, the youthful pianist for the Noxapater
Choir went on the next weekend and won the Distinguished Young Women
of Winston County contest Anna Claire Webb is the granddaughter of
Jerry and Helen Webb and they are so proud of her.

Anna Claire took over the job of pianist when Gayle Wekenman moved
away. And Danny Parker told me the choir is so proud of the job Anna
Claire is handling the accompaniment of their choir.

This writer did not attend the DYW event but all the winners are
noted in last week’s WCJ. In my humble opinion all the contestants
are winners or they would not have even entered the contest.