Ready 2 Read program launched for local schools

By Joseph McCain
The Winston County Journal

Linda Humphries has a heart for helping children which lead her to
gather together a group of volunteers to launch a Ready 2 Read
program for the first, second and third graders in the community.

“Research suggests there is no greater investment than in early
childhood education,” said Humphries.

With the knowledge and a purpose, Humphries and other volunteers are
raising funds to provide two children’s magazines to local children
over the summer to help insure that summer time is still a learning
time. The group aims to provide at lest 618 children with the
magazines to their mailboxes over the summer time.

“Reading is a future predictor of success in life and can be the way
out of poverty,” she added.

The group hopes two purchases Highlights magazine and National
Geographic for Kids to first through third graders who may not have
access to any reading materials over the summer.

Humphries noted that if the children were reading over the summer,
the teachers would have fewer students struggling to relearn skills
that would be lost over the summer.

The group aims to raise $17.75 per child to establish the program and
has already gotten a boost from Highlights magazine since the company
has provided over 800 magazines to be given out the last week of
school. The magazines feature short articles, games, cartoons, and a
variety of fun activities.

“Poverty continues to flourish as reading skills are forgotten during
the summer,” said Humphries denoting the need for the program.

Ready 2 Read grew out of a genuine community need – teaching children
to read and to read well. Ready 2 Read focuses on giving children in
the Winston County schools the tools and time needed to become great
readers and as good readers they will have the skills to become the
future leaders according to Humphries and statistics on reading skills.

To sponsor the Ready 2 Read program, contact Linda Humphries at