Let’s be Neighbors by Carolyn Mills

Did any of you readers see John Eaves of Jackson on Rock Center
recently? Did you recognize him as being the grandson of the late
Bonnie Kate and O. T. Lovorn? John was being interviewed about a huge
settlement he got for people involved in a cruise ship disaster and
that the ship had been returned to service.

Call Cynthia Bethany if you would like to know more. John is the son
of her sister Patricia and John A. Eaves. We have some important
folks with Winston County roots.

Also I saw the name of Elizabeth Robinson in an article in
MISSISSIPPI MAGAZINE recently. That Elizabeth was one of the artist
listed in the article about “A Handcrafted Home”. Is she the daughter
of the late Buck and Doris Robinson of Winston County?

There was no Green Thumb Garden Club meeting in February at Winston
Nursing Home. Brenda Hunt (with birthday presents and refreshments),
Rev. Larry Haggard (the entertainment), Carolyn Mills (with the
horticulture specimen), Mary Rose Moore and Willie McDonald (helpers)
were turned away because there was a stomach virus making the rounds
of section B and C. Most of the Green Thumb members reside in that area.

We did learn that Sharon Clark and Mandy Tucker were no longer
employed in the Winston Nursing Home as activity persons. Two new
ladies were introduced to this writer. Of course, I am wondering why
Sharon and Mandy left.

Sympathy goes out to the family of Dan Fulton who was laid to rest in
Whitehall Cemetery after a funeral service held in the Chapel of
Massey/Nowell with standing room only. Dan has five brothers and with
their families a large part of the Chapel was filled plus all their
friends there you can imagine the huge crowd.

Mrs. Clyde Hathorn called to say she had met the granddaughter of the
late Ernest and Nora Clark. Judy Ward came with her church choir to
sing at Avon Lea, the assisted living home in Tupelo where Clyde now
resides. When Judy learned that Clyde is from Winston County, she
asked her if she knew her grandparents.

Clyde has rented her home on McCully Road to the Jeff Walton family.
Jeff is youth director at Louisville First Methodist.
Alene Ingram was glad to have her neice Susie Bain, Tim, and Ty visit
her on Saturday for the day. Zack did not come this trip. The Bain
family live in the Memphis area.

W. L. Black welcomed his daughter Debbie Ladner and her sons Chase
and Josh and Chase’s girlfriend for a weekend visit. They all
attended worship service at Center Ridge on Sunday morning.

Nan Carr spent the weekend in the local hospital. She was picked up
by ambulance on Friday morning. She had not fallen, but was suffering
terrible pain in her hip after experiencing what felt like her hip
bone snapping. Nothing showed up in the CAT scan, so probably she
will come home on Monday. She will have home health physical therapy
until better.

Center Ridge is looking forward to having Dr. Dale Read, husband of
the late Virginia Hall Read visit the church congregation on the
first Sunday in March. Dr. Reed will propose a plan for setting up a
plan for a Cemetery Fund with the Methodist Foundation.
Word was received this week that Paul Gunn had departed this life.
Paul was born in Noxapater and was in the classroom with Mantel Clay
and Colleen Estes Wright and others I do not know at this time

I do know that Paul kept in contact with a monthly letter to many old
friends and some of his relatives. Paul went into the Military
Service and served in World War II. His son called about getting his
obituary printed in his hometown news paper. We called back with
instruction of how to get the obituary printed in the Winston County
Journal. There is no newspaper in small town Noxapater.
Paul owned and operated a bookstore in Macungie, PA. He was an avid
reader and passed on tin his letters a lot of comments about books
and many great quotes. I have kept all his letters and plan to have
them combined into book form as I did the letters written by his
brother John Clark Gunn to his family during WWII. Frances Woodruff
compiled the letters of John Clark and the book is now in the
Genealogy Room of Winston County Library.