Let’s be Neighbors by Carolyn Mills

This column will be short this week because this writer has broken her glasses and it is difficult to read the computer. A trip to the eye doctor determined that two mature cataracts need to be removed before new glasses are prescribed. Surgery is set for March 5th. David Mills is set to enter Vanderbilt on March 3rd.where he will have tests done to determine what is causing his severe headaches. Dotty Sullivan (Bobby) spent several days last week in Meridian in the hospital. He came home on Tuesday where he is fighting yet another health crisis, this time lung cancer. Dotty and Betty have meant much to Winston County through his service as Chancery Clerk for several terms. He and Betty owned and operated a grocery store on the corner of West Main Street and Warner Avenue and served the town of Louisville, also, for several years. The couple raised two children, a daughter Shelia Hickman, and a son Dan who grew up to be outstanding citizens of Winston County. Two grandchildren are now “apples of gold in silver pitchers” in the eyes of Dotty and Betty. Please keep the Sullivan family in your prayers. Also keep Jimmy Flake, brother of Tim Flake who is manager of Legion State Park in your prayers. Sherri Flake ask for the prayers of Winston Garden Club at their February meeting. Friends of Legion State Park were pleased that executives of the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks held their monthly meeting in the historic lodge in Legion. Several local city and county officials as well as Senator Giles Ward and State Rep. Mike Evans attended the meeting as well as many members of Friends of Legion. It was a very nice meeting but many who attended complained that they were unable to hear the speakers, That is everyone except Senator Ward who has such a marvelous speaking voice. The meeting was taped by WCBI and shown Monday night and Tuesday in their news section. The meeting was also covered by the Winston County Journal and William McCully’s Web Page. The United Methodist Winston County Ministry held an Ash Wednesday Service at Pleasant Hill UMC which was poorly attended.. Several churches belonging to the County Ministry held their own Ash Wednesday. Attending the Ash Wednesday Service at Pleasant Hill were: Rev. David M:eadows and a few of his Nosapater flock, Rev. Larry Haggard and a sample of Flower Ridge membership, Rev. Becky Smith represented her churches, and Rev. Mike Dowd managed to have five from Pleasant Hill and two from Center Ridge. Several songs were led by Tracy McCully, Becky Smith read the scripture (Psalms 51:-17, Rev. Mike Dowd gave the sermon, Teresa Ingram accompanied the song service. Meadows, Smith, and Dowd applied ashes to the foreheads of those who came to the altar to confess their sins. What have you given up for lent? Last year this writer gave up watching my favorite soap on TV, This year I had already given up watching “Days of Our Lives”. It just got to messy for anyone to watch. The family of Alene Ingram celebrated her birthday by gathering at a local restaurant for a meal. Her sons, Michael and Stuard, and their wives, and the grandchildren MaKaela, Colton, and Abbigail and Alene’s husband R. C. Ingram wished her many more. She was 83 and still going strong, with some health problems lately. Nan Carr celebrated a birthday on the 11th, but has not had a family get-together as Holly, her granddaughter’s family all have flu. Others who have birthdays in February include Josh Mills, Myrrah McCully, Hubert Dempsey, Colton Ingram, and Carol Clark. The entire County has been very upset over the vandalism committed at Winston Academy on Friday night. We learned that the culprits have been caught and parents, students, and teachers at the school are working hard to get back in school by Tuesday.