NWTF Hunting Heritage Banquet this weekend

From press reports The local East MS Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation will hold its annual Hunting Heritage Banquet on Saturday February 23 at 6 pm in the Grace Christian School Gym. The meal will be a seafood buffet dinner catered by Lake Tiak O’Khata. Local organizers note that”guests will be served as they arrive to prevent long lines and long waits” There are many great auction items that can be viewed before the official program begins at 7 pm according to organizers. This year’s banquet will feature 15-20 guns to be given away or auctioned. The East MS Chapter was recently recognized a member of the “Half- Million Dollar Club” having raised over $500,000 since its inception to fund local conservation projects, support local scholarships, Youth Programs (JAKES Take Aim programs), Women In The Outdoors (Woman hunters), Wheelin’ Sportsmen(Physically challenged sportsmen and woman)and to preserve hunting heritage. Local member and NWTF National Board member, Robert Higginbotham stated, “This is our 40th year at the NWTF and we unashamedly stand up as part of our mission and are proud to say—we are here to preserve our hunting heritage—Your Hunting heritage.” He added, “We are not just turkey hunters—we hunt deer, quail, rabbits, squirrel, ducks and more—bottom line we are hunters—period.” The East MS Chapter encourages kids and entire families to join in the fun. “Everything we do is family oriented,” stated Higginbotham. The East MS Chapter also supports local Thanksgiving meals and food banks through its Turkey Hunters Care Program. Tickets are limited and are gong fast. Please contact Al Porter or Robert Higginbotham at 803-0995 or 803-2017. Visit nwtf.org for more information.