WMC honors resident of the month

Mrs. Eva Roberson was nominated as “Resident of the Month” at Winston Medical Center Nursing Home on Tuesday, February 12, 2013. Mrs. Roberson was born in Winston County March 15, 1926 to Dudley Madison Stevenson and Martha Gregory and was the youngest of six siblings. Mrs. Roberson married the late Jimmy T. Roberson in 1945 and they made their home in Louisville. They had three children, Berlin Roberson, Linda Swindle, and Sherry Duran. Mrs. Roberson has three grandchildren, Leslie Nagle, Traci Borlovan, and Clay Duran. She has two great grandchildren, Jacob Borlovan and Hallie Katie Nagle. Mr. and Mrs. Roberson were known to share their love, home, and life with each of the Roberson brothers as well as with their own children. The brothers of Mr. Jimmy T. Roberson each left home and made their way into the home of Mr. Jimmy T. and Eva Roberson who gladly opened their home to them and helped care for them. Mrs. Roberson was a cook and was well known for her Southern style cooking. Today, people still talk about her chicken dressing. People in the community remember her during her days of working at Piggy Wiggly in the Deli. Mrs. Roberson was always doing for other people. She enjoyed reaching out to others in her community. She enjoyed baking cakes and taking them to others in times of need. “It was her life doing for others,” stated Linda Swindle, Mrs. Roberson daughter. Friends of Mrs. Roberson say that you can’t forget her. She is a Southern lady with a lot of love for others. Today, in the nursing home, she continues to try to do for her family even though she isn’t able to do the things she wishes. Mrs. Roberson continues to be the vessel of her family. She loves her family and wants to do everything that she can for them. Mrs. Roberson was an active member of Zion Chapel Pentecostal Church. Today, Mrs. Roberson is active at the Winston Medical Center Nursing Home where she participates in many activities, has made many friends, and has rekindle her friendship with old friends. Mrs. Roberson is friendly and enjoys receiving visits from her family and friends. “We are thankful and appreciative to Mrs. Roberson and her family for allowing us the opportunity to share in her life.” “Mrs. Roberson is one of those residents you learn from every time you sit down to talk to her,” stated Brandi Krajewski, Marketing Director. The Resident of the Month is sponsored by Sta-Home Health & Hospice.