Board moves to remodeled courtroom

By Joseph McCain The Winston County Journal The Louisville Board of Aldermen approved moving its future meetings to the newly remodeled municipal courtroom. Mayor Will Hill explained that the updating of the city and municipal courtroom was staying under budget of the maintenance cost for the building since the city had only had to purchase materials so far. Mayor Hill complimented the Winston County Regional Correctional Facility staff and Winston County District 1 Supervisor Burr Warner and his work crew for directing the inmate labor in the project with good results. The renovation on the municipal court room is complete and the aldermen approved holding all future meetings in the room so that the Mayor’s office, city engineer’s office and City clerk’s office could be moved and city hall could be rearranged for a more efficient use. With the new update the old city meeting room will be eliminated and setup as city engineers’ and mayor’s office as well as a small conference room for department meetings. With the move the board also set up to enforce rules on the books for courtroom usage. “This is a wonderful plan,” said Alderwoman Francis Ball. Board Attorney Taylor Tucker noted that the new setup in the courtroom had improved municipal court and the workings of the court with a more orderly setup. In other business, the aldermen: • Approved previous meeting minutes. • Received update from Beth Edwards on the library and usage. • Approved 211 Pond Street as in compliance and no longer unclean. • Accepted bids on surplus property of tractor for $1500. • Approved payment of $62,500 to Golden Triangle Planning and Development for E911 GIS mapping project. The payment will be made when $50,000 in grant funds received from ARC. • Accepted resignation of Bobby McWhirter from zoning board. • Appointed Paul Hogue and Scott Hendrix to the zoning board. Hogue will serve Wally Bennett’s unexpired term and Hendrix will serve the unexpired term of McWhirter. • Approved docket of claims for January bills for $132,338.10. • Approved an insurance payment for $4,113.10 from Red Hills Salvage for insurance on former Georgia Pacific facility. The board also discussed when the building may become available to other industries. • Approved payment of $795.80 for asphalt to be paid from General Obligation Bond Construction Funds. • Approved payment of $9,296.95 to Neel Schaffer for professional service to be paid from Landfill fund. • Approved an agreement with Winston County for monthly payment of $4,500 for Landfill billing with county and city settling the difference in monthly tipping fees from the landfill at the end of each year. • Approve payment for 9 volunteer fire fighters. • Discussed coliseum electric bill and usage noting the increased booking of the facility for example the annual Coon Hunter’s event is set to be held this weekend at the coliseum. • Held an executive session to discuss possible economic development project in the community. • Discussed holding another rental property ordinance hearing on March 26 at 5:30 p.m. The aldermen noted that would give many of those concerned to put concerns in writing and would give aldermen Eugene Crosby enough time to recover from heart surgery. He was absent from the meeting since his heart surgery was scheduled for the following morning. • Discussed the local tourism tax bill sent to the legislature. • Discussed the indecent exposure ordinance presented by the Mayor’s youth council. • Discussed the great involvement by the Mayor’s youth council in the community. The next regular meeting is Feb. 19 at 5:30 p.m.