Let’s be Neighbors by Carolyn Mills

Friends and relatives of Ernest Clark were saddened last week to learn of his death in a hospital in Colorado. Ernest lived a long and fruitful life and although he has lived in an assisted living home since shortly before his wife passed from this life, he has been extremely healthy, taking only one pill a day for blood pressure regulation. His hearing was not good and a couple of years ago he had to give up writing because of poor eyesight. His mind was still sharp and that was a blessing.

Ernest Clark had a brother, Thomas Clark, who lived to the age of 102, and a sister, Wilma Saunders, who died at the age of 99 and a half, and a sister Ethel Atkinson, who had just turned 99 years.when she died. He had two other brothers, Marvin and Ervin who also inherited the Clark and Bennett longevity genes.

Joan Agent, a niece of Ernest, and Johnny Lee Clark and Kenny Atkinson, nephews, all live in Winston County. Will they inherit the longevity? Sympathy goes out to these relatives and others who do not live in this area. Plans are being made by one of Ernest’s daughters, Glenda, who lives in Colorado near the assisted living home where he has resided the last several years, is making arrangements to have his and her mother’s ashes brought to Shiloh Baptist Church.

Ernest Clark lived a long and happy life with Nora Hudson who was a sister of Jeannette Wright Pope. They both were in the teaching profession and had lived in Tennessee, Florida and the Rio Grande Valley, and Oregon , plus several places in Mississippi to this writer’s knowledge.

We extend sympathy to the family of Travis Moore and the late Annie Joyce Mills, his wife, who had several children by her first husband, George Hartness. Travis and Joyce had one daughter together, Lisa Sprayberry, of Ethel, MS.

Raymond Allen celebrated his 99th birthday this month and says he is going to live to be one hundred. Keep thinking positively Raymond and you will make it to January 7, 2014. Raymond is a resident of Winston Nursing Home and in good health. His hearing is not good, but he enjoys watching TV and reading the Winston County Journal.

Writing of Winston Nursing Home, reminded me of the wonderful program that Rev. Jason Gross gave there recently for the Green Thumb Garden Club. Bro. Jason is the pastor of Goodhope Baptist Church and lives next door to my grandson Dallas. If you need a wonderful musical program, just call him. He plays the guitar, banjo, piano, and the harmonica and sings, too.

A visit from Martha McCool of Philadelphia and her son Mitch Trahan of near Atlanta was much enjoyed. Many of you readers will know Martha as she has been a caregiver for several years in the recent past. She took care of the late Margie Gordon Rodgers before her death. Martha is moving soon to work in a gift shoppe on the Grand Canyon.

Debra Mills Langford is enjoying her sons being close by. Her oldest son Davin and family have now moved into the neighborhood of McMillin Circle and Dustin and his wife, two children and another on the way have moved into the house with her and Danny. Both boys are working in Starkville for the same company.

I was welcomed back to the exercise class at ANYTIME FITNESS this past week. Had not attended since November; since there was just too much going on during the month of December and then another blood clot popped up in my leg on Christmas Day. Never knew if it was a deep vein clot. My doctor in Jackson said there was no need to do a sonogram as we were already doing what we would do if it was. I have been on coumadin since June and also have a filter in place to catch blood clots.

Marilyn Morgan reported at exercise class that Larry and Barbara Howell drove to Houston, TX last week where Barbara will take radiation for six weeks and they will remain there until she finishes the treatment. Please keep the Howells in your prayers.

Sue Ann Ryals, also at exercise, told me that beavers have just about taken over their place on old Highway 25. Sue Ann taught my daughter Teresa Ingram piano. She also. as Teresa now does, taught at her home. Teresa rode the school bus to her home and Archie picked her up after he got off work.

Sue Ann is well known at First Baptist of Louisville. She has been organist there for a number of years.

I have several years of issues of Birds and Blooms and of Mississippi Magazine to give away, if anyone would like to have them. Someone who does crafts could use the Birds and Blooms as there are so many beautiful pictures in them.