{news} Let’s be Neighbors by Carolyn Mills

Our local Hospital Auxiliary Gift Shop has opened back up after being closed for two weeks due to the holidays. If you received gifts that you think are white elephants or have other things around the house you do not use that are still in good condition, the gift shop might be able to sell them as donated items are excepted for sale. That is one of the ways we raise money to buy needed medical equipment for the hospital.

Over the years that this writer has been a member of Winston Medical Center Auxiliary, several items have been purchased, the last being a Thermal Angel at a cost of $1,401.42.

All the money made in the gift shop is put back into something beneficial to the hospital.

All that is required to become a member of the hospital auxiliary is that you volunteer a few hours a month to sit in the gift shop to sell items found on the shelves. Recently we lost one of the volunteers, Mrs. Elsie Jackson Fulgham, to death. Elsie loved working as a volunteer after she retired even though she was in remission from melanoma, a very serious skin cancer.

Another long time volunteer at the gift shop, Nardah Reed, had to give it up to take care of her husband who has Alzheimer’s. If you would like to become a member of the Auxiliary, come by any Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday between the hours of 9:00 am and 3:00 pm, the hours when the shop is open.

So much bad has been happening, that it is time to report something good, but I have not come up with anything but bad. So here goes the bad.

Jane Mills Lane has been in the hospital with pneumonia according to her daughter Jimi. Jane’s address is Timeless Grace Assisted Living: 424 Jake Smith Road, Carrierre, MS 39426. It would be nice if some of her piano students of the past would send her a get well card.

Wade Heath was air-lifted to the University Hospital in Jackson where he has been on a ventilator for several days. His daughter Sharon has been at his bedside. His wife Sue is visiting her brother Jack Pearson while Wade is in the hospital. The couple resides at Winston Nursing Home, usually. (Editor note: Mr. Wade Heath passed away after this article was written).

Kaye Hailey has moved her mother, Bonnie Sloan, to Louisville Care Center from Winston Nursing Home. Perhaps, a change of scenery will help Bonnie recover from the death of Howard Sloan, her husband. The couple had resided together in a room at WNH for several years.

Another couple, Hayes and Louisville Allen, after being at Winston Nursing Home for a couple of years moved into the local Bee Hive Assisted Living Home. Louise and Hayes are members of Center Ridge UMC and expect to be buried there along with other Allens from several generations past.

There is no charge for a cemetery plot if you are a member of Center Ridge. Several years ago Bobby McWhirter plotted the cemetery at the request of Norma Black, a cousin, who was at that time treasurer and a leader of the church membership. If not a member of the church, past or present, a charge of $250 is asked to be paid for a burial site.

Martha Fleming has improved some from a broken wrist bone received when she fell just before her husband Ernest was laid to rest in CampGround Cemetery. How sad it is for Martha to lose the love of her life after living together for over 50 years. The couple celebrated their Golden Anniversary in March of 2012. Please keep Martha in your prayers.

Several people had asked why the Hooks family had not moved into the Habitat For Humanity home since the family had expected to be in their new home by Christmas. I called Glenda Johnson who is heading up the local project to ask the reason for the delay. Glenda was on her way to Oxford to a Habitat meeting when I reached her on her cell phone and we talked briefly. From what I gathered from our conversation, the project is on hold until the paper work is finished and approved.

Glenda called Jason Cagle at BancorpSouth and ask him to give me a better explanation. He called and it appears that the guidelines for building a Habitat Home have changed some since the last one was built in Louisville so the local organization is making sure everything is done according to the rules. A meeting with officials of the national group is being held next week and final paper work will be drawn up by an attorney. Hopefully the Hooks family will be in the house on West College Street in a few more weeks.

Winston Garden Club will landscape the grounds using plans drawn up by Roger Caperton soon.