News of the Past by C.J. Johnson

å100 Years Ago – December 27, 1912 The Journal enjoyed its twenty-first Christmas Wednesday and desires to thank its hundreds of friends for their loyal support.

LIBERTY: The young people enjoyed an entertainment at Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Webb’s home. – Mr. Dan Henderson and family from Alabama moved here to the school last week. They expect to make this their future home.

MARRIAGES: Married, in the western portion of the county on December 18th, Mr. E. L. Hudspeth and Miss Irene Mayo, Pres. of B. S., W. E. Dempsey officiating. – On December 19th, Mr. G. F. Carr and Miss Mattie Ball were married at the residence of the bride, Pres. of B. S., W. E. Dempsey officiating.

LOAKFOMA: We are sorry to lose our neighbor Mr. Ivy, but glad to have Mr. Miller. – Mr. Jack Wallace has had a severe attack of pneumonia. – Mr. J. A. Gentry will shut down his gin on the 21st, for this season.

Last Tuesday night, about 8 o’clock, at the county jail, the alarm of fire was given. It came near to being a very serious situation. Two prisoners, arrested Tuesday evening, were placed on the second floor, where apparently there was no heating apparatus. There were twelve prisoners in total on two floors. The new prisoners made a fire of bed clothing and a table. The fire got out of control, while Sheriff Carr was called from his home to bring the key to the second floor. All prisoners were rescued.

75 Years Ago – December 24, 1937 MARRIAGES: Mrs. J. Y Dempsey announces the marriage of her daughter, Miss Lena Pearl to Mr. J. Z. “Buck” Oldham, which occurred on June 11, 1937 at Newton, Miss., Rev. Williams officiating. – Mr. Meek Stokes and Miss Madge Hamm married November 25 in the home of Rev. J. L. Ward, Bro. Ward officiating. – Mr. Edwin Woodruff and Miss Lorene Hamm were married on November 6, 1937 at the Baptist parsonage in Louisville, Dr. J. N. McMillin saying the ceremony.

DEATHS: Mr. Charlie D. West of the Gum Branch community died in Memphis Hospital last week. He and his family lived in Louisville for a time, and he served one term at Magistrate of the upper district of Beat One. – The 18 year old son of Mr. Albert Eskridge, formerly of High Point, died in a CCC camp in Utah December 12. The body was brought back for local burial on Saturday, December 18. – Mr. Henry Tucker died Sunday morning at the home of Mrs. S. J. Tucker, and was laid to rest at Vernon Cemetery, according to news from Calvary. – Mr. Edd McBrayer, 62, died at his home in the southwestern portion of the county December 12, funeral and burial in Jackson Field cemetery. – Mrs. Elisabeth Slawson died at her home in Jackson Field community on December 13th. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Vester Stokes of Calvary community, twin babies who made their arrival Wednesday. One girl, William Dean and Willie Earl, six and eight pounds. – Born to Mr. and Mrs. Rumas Mitchell of Louisville a fine boy on December 17th.

LETTERS TO SANTA CLAUS: I am a little six years old in the first grade. I want a cowboy suit, gloves, toys, fruits, candies, nuts and fireworks. Remember my little sister 3 years old and my brother 9 years old, and my teacher, Miss Thelma Estes. Your little friend, Charles W. Bouchillon, Louisville.

We are twin sisters 3 years old. We want twin dolls, doll clothes and candy, fruits and nuts. Your friends, Mary and Martha Fulcher, Louisville.

I am a little boy 8 years old. I want an air rifle, 3 boxes of shot, candy, fruits, and nuts. Your friend, John Fulcher, Louisville.

I am ten years old in the fourth grade at school. I want a water gun, fireworks, car that will run, and fruit. Love, Sherrell Fox.

I am a little girl in the fourth grade. I am 9 years old and have tried to be very good. I want a rubber doll that has a bath, a basket ball, pair of bed room slippers, firecrackers and fruits, nuts and candy. Your friend, Dorothy J. Ray, Rt. 1 Louisville.

I am a little boy 10 years old. I go to school at Louisville in the third grade. I want you to bring me that wagon that cost $8.80 and some little toys, fruits, nuts, and candies, and fireworks of all kind. Don’t forget my little brother and teacher and my daddy. Don’t forget me, Santa. Your friend, Henry Jr. Edwards.

I am a little girl four years old. I want a little wagon full of fruits, nuts, and candy, and a ball. Your little girl, Jimmie Woodson.