News of the Past by C.J. Johnson

100 Years Ago – December 20, 1912 LOUISVILLE: Born, to Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Reed, a fine boy on the 17th. – The little four months old baby girl of Mr. and Mrs. Author Clark was badly burned in the grate at Mr. Burgess Clark’s home one day this week. The serious burn is hoped not fatal.

DEATHS: Mr. J. M. Crowell, Sr. died at the home of his son, Mr. J. M. Crowell, Jr., east of town on November 27th, after being sick only ten days. Mr. Crowell would have been eighty years old in a short time. – Mrs. Mary Ann Lewis, 80, widow of Mr. William T. Lewis, died at the son of her son, Mr. O. T. Lewis, in the Rocky Hill community.

MARRIAGES: Married at the residence of the bride on Sunday, December 15th, Mr. W. O. Turner and Miss Lucy Hindman, Rev. J. C. Eaves officiating.

LETTERS TO SANTA CLAUS: Dear Santa Claus – I want you to bring me a gold locket. I want a baby bumps, and a baby buggy and I want a work box. I want all kinds of fruits. Your loving friend, Doris Carr.

Dear Old Santa – I am so glad it’s Christmas so you can come to see me again. I am a little boy 7 years old. I want an air rifle, a horn, a big ball, a nice story book, a big hook and ladder with two horses, a moving picture show and lots of fire works. Your little boy, Kenneth Wood. p. s. Don’t forget Gilbert, he lives in Fulton, Ky.

Please bring me that big doll and some candy. I want a baby bumps too. I want some nuts and bring me some candies. Your little friend, Elsie Inman.

Please bring me a cow boy suit, firecrackers, bring me some apples and some pears. I want a sled. Your friend, Garland Harris.

Please bring me a doll dresser and a doll, bring me a trunk, some apples, oranges, nuts and candy. Your friend, Zelma Hemphill.

Please bring me some good books to read and toys too, and things that would be of use to me. Your little friend, James Loyd Davis.

Please bring me a big baby bump and bring me a little play stove, a doll dresser, and a tedie bear and bring me some oranges and apples and candy. Margaret Blair. 75 Years Ago –December 17, 1937

MARRIAGES: Mr. William H. Jones of Helena, Ark. and Miss Elsie Earl Reynolds of Louisville were married at the home of the bride’s parents, Monday morning, December 13, Rev. Dr. J. N. McMillin, pastor of the Baptist church officiating. – Mr. Wayne C. Burrage of Preston and Miss Agnes Ray were married Saturday evening, October 16, 1937 in the home of Rev. Ward, Baptist minister, who officiated.

LETTERS TO SANTA CLAUS: I am a little 6 years old girl in school at Noxapater. I want a doll, nuts, fruit. Your little friend, Margie Walker, Noxapater.

I am a little 7 years old school boy. I want a truck, wagon, nuts, fruit and candy. Remember mother and daddy. Your little friend, Bobbie Jack Parks, Noxapater. I am a big school boy at Noxapater. I want a cowboy suit, a tractor, some nuts, fruit, and candy. Yours, Jake Don Pittman, Noxapater.

Please stop at my house and leave me a bicycle, doll, iron, doll trunk, and fruit. Bring my teacher something nice. Don’t forget my class mates and little sister Jerry. Your friend, Patty Lashley, Louisville.

I am a little 9 years old girl in the fourth grade. I want a color book, doll, stockings, and cap, fire crackers and fruits, nuts, and candy. Remember other little children. Your little girl, Delma Maxine Dickerson, Rt. 6, Louisville.

I have been good. My brother Charles had tried to be but he don’t know how. We have fixed our Christmas tree in the corner. We will leave a lighted candle. Please bring me a tractor, a dump truck full of candy, a watch. Little Charles wants a little blue wagon, a horn, and ridie horse. Anything else will satisfy me, for Santa Claus I am really your friend, Bobby Clark.

I am a little boy 8 years old. Please bring me a foot ball, sack of marbles, truck, and all kinds of fruit. Don’t forget Mary Earline. Your friend, R. J. Jarvis.