Teacher Academy spotlights Wilson

By Helen Black

Miss Wilson is a third grade teacher at Fair Elementary School. She is a recent graduate of Mississippi State University and is from Houston, Texas.

This is her first year to teach school. She said that she loves being at Fair Elementary and has no plans on returning back to Texas any time soon.

She believes that first year teachers should be prepared to spend a lot of extra time at school. The more time and effort spent in lesson planning, the more confident you will be in delivering the lesson. If it is boring to the teacher, it will be boring to the students. She believes in making the class fun for everyone!

DeaShandra Carter is a tenth grade student from the Winston- Louisville CTC enrolled in the Teacher Academy program. She has been job shadowing Miss Wilson and has learned some very valuable lessons from this first year teacher. The first thing she learned was to not be fooled by appearances. Although Miss Wilson is a petite woman, her voice and demeanor command complete authority! Miss Wilson has modeled absolute control of her classroom at all times.

DeaShandra has enjoyed the one-on-one interaction with the third graders most. She loves reading with them and helping them with their English skills. She believes in the quote, “A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart.” She said that after watching Miss Wilson, she realizes that a teacher who has high expectations and is consistent will have great results. She believes that warm teacher-student relationships provide the best atmosphere for learning.

Hopefully, DeaShandra will be able to try out some of these teaching tools in her own classroom one day! Thank you, Miss Wilson and Fair Elementary, for this great experience.