Alderman discuss rental unit ordinance in Nov. 20 meeting

From staff and press reports

The Louisville Board Alderman approved a public hearing on a proposed rental house ordinance.

The public hearing on the ordinance is set for January 15. The ordinance would impose a fee on all rental units in the city and require rental properties have an inspection to meet certain standards prior to occupants living in the rental units. The fee would help the cost of inspections by the Louisville Code Enforcement Department.

In other business, the Louisville aldermen: • Approved payment to Golden Triangle Planning and Development District Inc. for $62,500.00 for E911 mapping and addressing whereas the grant funds in the amount of $50,000.00 have been received from ARC, and the city and county will each pay $6,250.00 each for local matching funds, and the payment to GTPDD will be paid from E911 funds. • Authorized the publication of two legal notices for the CDBG Public Facilities Project and acknowledged the environmental assessment completed for the CDBG Public Facilities project. • Accepted the bid from Bancorp South Bank to pay 0.10% for a fixed rate for the city depository for two years ending December 31, 2014. • Authorized repair to a police car. • Authorized advance registration and travel allowance for the Mayor and Aldermen to attend the MML Mid-Winter Conference in Jackson on January 29-3. • Approved one firefighter to attend the Hazmat Fire Training at the Mississippi State Fire Academy on November 26-December 6, no cost for registration. • Approved the recommendation of Police Chief L. M. Claiborne to fill four new Captain positions with officers Howard Marshall, Vernon Eichelberger, Donnie Graham, and Ronnie Graham. Marshall and Graham have both served the department for 25 years and noted that the new ranking and leadershipsystem in the department provided a great outlook for the department. • Approved payment of $4,113.10 plus late fees to IPFS Corporation upon the receipt of payment from Red Hills Salvage LLC for insurance on the Georgia Pacific building and equipment. • Acknowledged the completion of the E911 Interact System installed by AT & T In the November 6 meeting, the Louisville board of aldermen: • Set a hearing of Dec. 4 for 211 Pond since unclean. • Noted that 304 Rogers street was now in compliance. •Approved payments for work at the airport. • Approved agreement with county to pay $25 a day per city inmate up from the $15 a day previously paid. • Approved bids for rail bed and 3 switches. • Made final payment on South Columbus Ave work and discussed signage corrections. • Approved $121,998 docket. • Discussed the separate library tax and how the funds are broken out.

The Aldermen were set to meet December 4.