Let’s Be Neighbors by Carolyn Mills

Patty and Shawn Berry are in charge of Anytime Fitness the exercise business mentioned in last week’s column in which I mistakenly gave them the last name of Howard. The couple does not live in Louisville, but Shawn is a relative of Mrs. Dot Porter.

I promised to reveal the names of other exercisers, but Angela Stewart advised me that was not a good idea as someone might not want to be mentioned. I will not abuse the privacy law by naming someone without asking for permission.

Mrs. Darwin Whitmire returned to the exercise class this week after being out for a while because of the illness and death of Darwin. She is thankful that Darwin was only sick about a month and did not have to suffer long.

Darwin Whitmire had roots in this neighborhood as his late mother was Dolly Adams who grew up on what is now Kerr Mills Adams Road.

Well it was a lovely day for Winston County’s annual Veteran’s Day Parade and Stew Stomp and it was most enjoyable although there was not nearly as much participation, as in year’s before, with only five groups entering the contest and a much smaller crowd. A big MSU football game was held that day, so maybe that accounts for the lack of participation.

Rev. Mike Dowd served as Chairman of the event and he did a good job, even brought around and introduced two young teenage girls, Jamey Kinard and Carly Dickerson, who were helping him. Jamey’s grandparents I knew, Edgar B. and Lea Kinard and Bubba and Faye Hudspeth. And I know Carly’s parents, Roy and Dinkie Dickerson, who is one of the lovely ladies who work at our Winston County Library.

Rev. Larry Haggard provided the invocation and Tracy McCully sang the National Anthem. Linda Skelton and Martha Mills of the Winston County Chamber of Commerce were very much involved the whole day, as well as many days before.

The teams participating in the stew and sweet tea contests were: Game Day Chilly, Moody’s Furniture, Lions Club, Sturgis Road Hilltoppers, Ms Julie’s Homemade Soup and Tea. This writer ate a bowl of stew from all the teams and it was all delicious. A gallon of tea left over from the contest was given to me on Saturday and I enjoyed it to the last drop on the following Friday. My daughter Julie and two of my daughter-in-laws all make the best tasting sweet tea and none of them make it the same way.

This writer was part of the booth decoration for Julie’s Homemade Soup and Tea, and sat in a rocking chair from noon until the Stew Stomp ended and prizes given out. Julie’s team, which consisted of Billy Catt and Connie Kinard, won third place for decorations.

They used a hillbilly theme with bales of hay covered with old quilts, two rocking chairs draped in quilts also, two wooden whiskey barrels with a chess board on one and a checker board on the other. A three wheeled bike, old whiskey jugs and etc plus a table with stools and a child size table and chairs filled their booth. Julie dressed as Ellie Mae, Billy as Jed Clampett, Carolyn Mills as Granny and Connie Kinard as Jethro completed the setting.

I wish I could describe the other decorated booths, but as already stated, I sat the entire time in my granny boots and stockings and dress, sunbonnet and funeral home fan in a rocking chair in Julie’s booth.

After the Stew Stomp a birthday party for Hannah Mills was held at the Tot Spot just past Nanih Waiya School. Hannah was born four years ago on Presidential Election Day and I predict she will enter politics. At four years of age she is a very determined little girl with a mind of her own and is very good at getting her way.

All of the kids who attend the Tot Spot Day Care were invited to Hannah’s party. Can’t name them all but I got to hold Scotty G’s little four month baby boy, Jace, who has his mother’s beautiful eyes and Scotty’s sunny disposition.

Nanih Waiya is more than just a community with a school and lots of residents. It can boast of more than one eating place, a beauty parlor, a day care and a home for children run by Baptist Children’s Home of Jackson and several churches.

When calling Garden Club members to remind them of the Blue Star Memorial Marker being unveiled on Friday, I picked up a little news which I will share at this time and write about the actual event next week.

Dotty Sullivan, husband of Betty who is a long time member of the Winston Garden Club, has just gotten home from Birmingham where he had more surgery to regulate his heart.

Martha Fleming did have two broken bones in her right wrist when she fell the night of her husband’s funeral visitation. It was first diagnosed as just a sprain. She is in a cast and can do very little.

Bonnie Fulton was getting ready to visit her daughter Jeannie in Tuscaloosa who is moving all the way across the country to Oregon.

First Methodist of Louisville held a special prayer service on election day. Most folks in Mississippi did not get the president they wanted elected. I am just glad the campaign is over and maybe congress will get to work and do something for a change regardless of who won.

If you read the Bible, you know that the book of Daniel plainly says that “the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will.”