Constitution celebrated locally with NW DAR

From staff reports

All area schools recognized the importance of the Constitution and Constitution Week during is Sept.17-23 with school leaders signing a proclamation.

The Nanih Waiya Chapter, DAR, helped arrange the signings and promoting the Constitution.

Constitution Week’s goals each year are to remind citizens they have a responsibility for protecting and defending the Constitution, inform the public that the Constitution is the foundation for our way of life and encourage the study of the historical events that led to the framing of the Constitution in September 1787.

The United States of America functions under the Constitution as a republic; the landmark idea that men had the inalienable right as individuals to be free and live their lives under their own governance was the reason for the American Revolution. Today, the Constitution stands as an icon of freedom for people around the world.

The men who wrote the Constitution believed that no government can create freedom but that government must guard freedom rather than encroach upon the freedoms of its people. The Constitution by itself cannot guarantee liberty. A nation’s people can remain free only by being responsible citizens who are willing to learn about government and require it to be accountable. Constitution Week is an opportunity to encourage all citizens to guard their freedoms.