City aims to add new welcome banners

From staff reports

The Hwy 25/15 bypass bridge is the doorstep to Louisville and city leaders hope to display city pride with new banners on the bypass.

City leaders hope to have 30 businesses commit to purchasing one banner and the city purchasing a matching banner to welcome persons into the city.

“It’s the route that many visitors use to enter the city and this is one nice way to welcome them and encourage them to stop in for a friendly visit,” said Linda Skelton, Winston/Louisville Chamber of Commerce Director.

Louisville Mayor Will Hill has worked with the Chamber design committee on creating the banners and the look. They aim to team up and sell the 30 available locations to businesses, civic clubs or any organization.

Mayor Hill noted he had about 8 verbal commitments.

The banners will be a one time $1,000 payment or three $300 quarterly installments to purchase a sponsorship on a banner.

“This helps make our community memorable to those who are driving down the bypass,” said Skelton. “While it is welcoming, it also adds a little bit of color.”

Mayor Hill added it has been a slow process getting the two sample banners done but once the city gets the 30 commitments that the project should move forward fairly quickly.

Any funds or proceeds leftover from the project will go toward the Chamber Design Committees other plans and projects.

Anyone interested in purchasing a banner sponsorship may contact Mayor Will Hill, Chamber Director Linda Skelton or any of the chamber’s design committee.