Fair elementary students enjoy National Food Day with Food Corps help

From staff reports

Dozens of children at Fair Elementary School participated in National Food Day on Wednesday Oct. 24, to promote eating healthy, and fresh local food and growing of fresh foods at the school Started two years ago, Food Day is based on a nationwide grassroots campaign focused on getting locals to make smarter food choices by selecting locally grown produce over processed foods.

While this was Fair Elementary’s first year participating in the program, growing produce and healthy eating are becoming part of the school learning as they coordinate with Food Corp representatives. The Food Corp initiative goes just beyond Food Day, as Fair Elementary, Winston County Head Start and a local 4-H group have all started local gardens.

According to the school staff having a garden at the school helps make the idea of locally grown produce ever present, rather than it just being a field trip once or twice a year and builds on the understanding of where food comes from.

For more information on Food Day, visit http://www.foodday.org/