Town and Country Garden Club meets at Legion State Park


The Town and Country Garden Club met on October 18 at Legion State Park at the Gazebo. The weather was wonderful. Mrs. Debbie Moody, President, called the meeting to order and the Inspiration was given by Mrs. Frances Ball. He subject was on “Consider the Clouds”, Job 37:1-16. Afterwards, members enjoyed a wonderful picnic.

Mrs. Moody called on Mrs. Frances Ball to introduce the Program which was given by Dr. Brian Counterman, Professor of Biological Science, MSU. His topic was on “The Secret of Heliconius”, a study of butterflies. He gave a most interesting and informative program. After his introduction, he presented a slide show of his trip to South America to gather butterflies for research. His study includes the genetics of butterflies. Butterflies, commonly called Passion Vine Butterflies, make perfect subject for better understanding a fundamental scientific question which is, how do organisms change to survive?

Butterflies are made up of different colors and species. However, they have a short life span. Laying their eggs on just the right plant material is key to a great hatch. He also explained how he transports the butterflies such a long distance and this is done by dissecting and freezing them.

After Dr. Counterman’s presentation, Mrs. Marie Shaw critiqued her beautiful flower design of colorful wildflowers made up of goldenrods, black eyed susans, cocks comb, colorful leones, and elm. Mrs. Dot DePriest explained her horticulture which was sweet autumn clematis, a vine found in ditches mostly, but originated in Japan. It can grow to 30 feet and has a sweet smell. It is beautiful in designs.

The roll was called with ten members present. Minutes were read from the September meeting and approved.

The dedication of the Blue Star Memorial Marker was discussed. The date for dedication is on November 9th at 11:00 a.m. on Hwy 25 near the Exxon Station.

The meeting was adjourned until next month where we will meet at Mrs. Shirley Hawkins’ home.