Supervisors move ahead with road projects

From staff reports The Winston County

The Winston County Board of Supervisors recently awarded the Bluff Lake Road project and is seeking to extend the bridge work on Old Robinson Road to include a 1,000 feet rather than the standard 500 feet.

The Bluff Lake Road project is funded through the federal public lands grants and awarded to Winston County to repair and upgrade roads leading into the Noxubee Refugee.

The Old Robinson Road project is set to replace the deficient bridge over the Tallahaga Canal with Office of State Aid Road Construction bridge funds. The Supervisors are requesting the state allow them to use the funds to repair up tot 1000 feet out from the bridge rather than the standard 500 feet due to the condition of the slope of the road near the bridge. The county is awaiting the state’s decision on the matter.

In the letter to the state, the supervisors describe the issue as “while the approach roadway toward Jackson does not need to be extended more than 500 feet, the approach roadway toward Louisville needs to be extended approximately 1,000 feet in order for the needed slope stabilization and replacement of the large deficient cross drain pipe to be covered by the Federal” bridge funds.

The county supervisors hope to move both projects forward in to put the federal funds to best possible use.

In other business for the Oct. 15 board meeting: •Discussed hiring policy of Brenda Miles as financial consultant for the county at the rate of $100 plus benefits a month. E.L. Miles questioned the hiring of any employee without advertising for the position or interviewing for the position. Supervisors Mike Peterson and Luke Parkes aimed to answer E.L. Miles concerns. Peterson noted that hiring someone with 30 years of county experience for about $600 a month was a good deal. Peterson added, “What we did is a temporary thing. The county operations are a complicated and integrated setup and we had individual who was willing help for almost nothing… So we hired her to help us and all new folks. There is a big learning curve coming into the office. Our responsibility to provide expertise and run county efficiently… We got our value with this hire.” • Approved Oct 1 minutes. • Discussed cash in bank. • Recorded the millage for ad valorem taxes at 40 mills. This setup no millage rate increase. “Same as it has been as long as I can remember,” said Peterson. • Approved court reporters Lindsay Williams and Reagan carpenter expenses. • Approve inventory report from department of audit. Reviewed values in report. $63 million in assets reported. • Approved Hold car tag list. • Approved justice court judges fall conference and membership in ms justice court association. • Approve school bus turnaround. • Approved 16 section lease with Peterson not voting or participating in the discussion. • Approved Interlocal agreement with Noxapater for tax assessor to collect taxes for town of Noxapater. 5 percent of fees to be retained by county. Persons will pay county and town of Noxapater taxes at courthouse. • Approved land settlement for delinquent taxes for the county. $16,000 reimbursed with county receiving paid off those bought off in land sale. • Approved printer purchase $392 • Approved purchases of flooring for DHS building. Board thanked supervisor Burr Warner for addressing and taking care of the buildings. • Approved Shawn Butts as election commissioner and appointed her to the position. District 1 election commissioner Lisa Watson resigned recently so board appointed Butts who was the only person running for that office. • Approved Kim Ming to prepare the polling places for November election. • Discussed issues at prison with nurse’s role being short staffed. Board approved the Warden Tim Palmer to hire two part time nurses to help address the problem. • Discussed the Oct 24 preparedness tornado day and Nov 7,8,9 incident management training at the MSU extension service. • Approved spend some funds on software for fire department. According To Buddy King this will enable Fire departments to report better record keeping for each volunteer fire department. • Approved Sheriff to purchase 3 vehicles for $82,000 over three years of payments. Sheriff Jason Pugh will purchase 2 dodge chargers and pickup truck.

The Board’s next regular meeting is scheduled for November 5.