Absentee balloting underway, countdown to election

By Joseph McCain The Winston County Journal

The Winston County Circuit Clerk’s office has absentee balloting in full swing and counting down to the Nov. 6 election.

The November 6 ballot will include the presidential race between democratic incumbent Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden versus republican contender Mitt Romney and V.P. contender Paul Ryan.

Down the ballot will be congressional races for the first congressional district with judicial and election commissioners rouding out the ballot.

With redistricting for congressional races, this will be the first time the majority of Winston Countians vote in the First congressional district.

No election commissioners face challengers in the election and will take office in January. Shawn Hendrix Butts will be sworn in the upcoming days as Election Commissioner District 1 with the recent resignation of Lisa Watson from the post.

See Republican women meet article for more information on Congressman Nunnlee and Court candidate Josiah Coleman.

Election Ballot STATE OF MISSISSIPPI WINSTON COUNTY 2012 General Election Tuesday, November 06, 2012


-Barack Obama for President Democrat and Joe Biden for Vice President

PRESIDENTIAL ELECTORS FOR -Mitt Romney for President Republican and Paul Ryan for Vice President

PRESIDENTIAL ELECTORS FOR -Virgil Goode for President Constitution and Jim Clymer for Vice President

PRESIDENTIAL ELECTORS FOR -Gary Johnson for President Libertarian and James P. Gary for Vice President

PRESIDENTIAL ELECTORS FOR -Jill Stein for President Green and Cheri Honkala for Vice President

PRESIDENTIAL ELECTORS FOR -Barbara Dale Washer for President Reform and Cathy L. Toole for Vice President

-Write in_ For United States Senate Vote for ONE -Albert N. Gore, Jr. Democrat -Roger F. Wicker Republican -Thomas Cramer Constitution -Shawn O’Hara Reform -Write in_

For US HOUSE of Rep 01 1st congressional District Vote for ONE -Brad Morris Democrat -Alan Nunnelee Republican -Danny Bedwell Libertarian -Jim R. Bourland Constitution -Chris Potts Reform -Write in

NONPARTISAN JUDICIAL ELECTION For Supreme Court Justice Supreme Court District 3 (Northern) Position 3 Vote for ONE -Josiah Dennis Coleman Non Partisan -Richard (Flip) PhillipsNon Partisan -Write in For Election Comm-1 Election Commissioner Dist 1 Vote for ONE -Shawn Hendrix Butts Independent -Write In For Election Comm-2 Election Commissioner Dist 2 Vote for ONE -Dell Gillett Democrat -Write in_ For Election Comm-3 Election Commissioner Dist 3 Vote for ONE -Dean Miller Democrat -Write in__ For Election Comm-4 Election Commissioner Dist 4 Vote for ONE -Mattie Cooper Democrat -Write in__ For Election Comm-5 Election Commissioner Dist 5 Vote for ONE -Mary P. Reed Democrat -Write in__