Aldermen approve plans to restructure LPD

By Joseph McCain The Winston County Journal

The Louisville Board of Aldermen approved a restructuring of the Louisville Police Department in its regular Oct. 2 meeting. Louisville Police Chief L.M. Claiborne requested the several changes inside the police department to insure proper chain of command and enhance the officers’ skills and procedures.

Under the new policy, officers will be tested prior to receiving any promotions and must have served in their present role for five years in order to apply for a higher rank.

Chief Claiborne noted the new system gives the officers incentive to move up the ranks and challenges the officers’ skills and knowledge with each promotion.

The new policy also adds four Captain ranks who will be the shift commanders in the department.

The board and Chief Claiborne discussed the pay structure for each rank with Chief Claiborne noting he had planned out his budget according to the positions and ranks for the upcoming year. Chief Claiborne noted that he should have 4 persons testing and applying for the four captain roles and several officers testing and seeking promotion to the Corporal rank.

Aldermen Richard Caperton noted the new merit based system and testing to receive rank in salary increases sounded well though out.

Chief Claiborne added that the new structure also clarifies the chain of command completely.

“Captains will have the lead below the chief and assistant chief,” said Chief Claiborne.

Chief Claiborne also filled the open position of assistant chief with LPD officer Andy Taylor.

In other business, the aldermen: • Removed 117 Eiland Ave from the unclean property list. Code enforcement officer Jody Fulton noted that the property is under repair and no longer an eye sore and is safe. • Removed 345 North Church street from the unclean property list. “It is cleaned,” said Fulton. • Set an unclean property hearing for 211 Pond Avenue on Nov. 6 and also one for 304 Rogers Ave. • Accept $54,000 DUI grant for the Louisville Police Department. • Approved a grant application for CDBG public facilities in the amount of $330,100 for the Louisville Utilties for a sewer project. • Approved docket of claims in the amount of $130,953.94 for the month of September. • Approve insurance payment on the former GP property when Red Hills Salvage makes its regular payment of $4113.10. •ˇApproved seven resolutions to comply with grant application requirements for 2012- 2013 CDBG projects which included: Anti displacement plan, Fair housing, Prohibit excessive force against demonstrators, Goals for minority women plan, • Approved Blue Star Memorial Hwy marker near Exxon on the bypass. The marker and event to denote placement is set for Nov 9 at11 a.m with flyover to honor every veteran. • Discussed a researching rental property ordinance. • Discussed Jake’s recycling and possible cleaning up • Discussed Mayor’s Youth council second 5 week course upcoming see related article in today’s edition.

The next regular scheduled aldermen meeting is October 16.