New of the Past by C.J. Johnson

100 Years Ago – October 11, 1912 NOXAPATER: The play “The Closing Xercise of Hickory Holler Skule,” by the home talent at the School Hall Friday evening was well attended and seemed to have entertained the audience. – Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Woodruff of the Midway vicinity were guests of their cousins Mrs. J. W. Estes, Sunday. – Mr. Wilber McMinn and wife of Plattsburg were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Claud Mitchell first of the week. – Messrs. John Lovorn and C. C. McLeod are attending court at Aberdeen this week.

ROCKY HILL: Mr. Tom Armstrong of our community was caught in Mr. A. H. Fulton’s gin Tuesday and was seriously injured which resulted in death a few hours later. – Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Land spent Sunday with Dr. and Mrs. E. Lovorn. – We are sorry to report Miss Bessie Lewis sick with chills.

LOUISVILLE: News reached us this morning that Dr. A. A. McNeel at Handle had the misfortune last night to lose his barn and five head of stock by fire. – Mr. Jones, electrician, who is now in the employ of Mr. M. H. Woodward, arrived here this week and will begin installing the electric light plant soon. Mr. Jones is also a fine musician and is already a member of the Louisville Concert Band. – The Bank of Louisville received its handsome new vault door last week, and now has it installed. It is very complimentary to know that a bank in our town has one of the very handsomest as well as costly doors of any bank in the state.

LIBERTY: Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Jim Boswell on the 28th¸ a fine boy. – The young people out of school enjoyed themselves at an ice cream supper at Mr. John Wilkes Friday night.

DEATHS: Mrs. Joe Moody died at her home near Fearn Springs on October 3rd. – The infant of Mr. and Mrs. Will Johnson died at the home of Mr. Ed Johnson on October 3rd.

75 Years Ago – October 8, 1937 LOUISVILLE: Mrs. E. L. Hollingsworth was called Monday to the bedside of her mother, Mrs. S. S. Garvin, in Newton, who is suffering from a stroke of paralysis. – Mr. and Mrs. Clem Chappell announce the birth of a daughter October 2. Weight nine pounds. – Miss Katherine Sullivan, hostess on The Rebel, spent Tuesday with Miss Martha Townsend. – Mrs. C. C. Lewis and Mrs. Edna Skidmore were called to Ackerman last week by the death of Mrs. Lewis’ sister, Mrs. Oswalt.

MARRIAGES: Mr. Hugh Haggard and Miss Lelia Wells, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Wells, were married October 2 by Rev. J. D. Fulton.

NOXAPATER: We regret to note the illness of Dr. Morgan, one of our town’s oldest citizens. – Mrs. McNeel visited last Sunday her husband, Mr. Victor McNeel in a Meridian hospital where he went for treatment. – Miss Fannie Cagle of Louisville is guest of her sister, Mrs. Hattie Morgan.

DEATHS: Mrs. T. S. Massey died at her home near Small Wood Church in the western part of the county last Tuesday from hydrophobia (rabies). She was bitten by a mad dog about one month ago. She died from convulsions Tuesday night, with many people having to hold her to the bed. She had taken all but one of the required rabies shots.