Submitted by Wendell Womack

The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks, need to think twice before drawing Blake Williamson’s name for the next gator season.

Williamson has become a veteran in the art of capturing alligators, as he was involved in the catch of 4 these large creatures this past season. The only participants allowed to hunt alligators are those that are randomly selected by the MDWFP, and those that are selected to be on a team, from those drawn.

Blake was involved in three separate hunts this past season in which his group limited out on two of those trips.

His name was drawn for a permit on the Pascagoula River in which his team consisting of Chad Phillips, Scott Hughes, and Jarrett and Gillian Myers caught a 5’6” and 5’4” gator. He was also chosen to be on two other teams and was successful with one of them.

John Williamson from Philadelphia was drawn and asked Blake Williamson and Jeffrey Coon of Vicksburg for his team. They were drawn for the Central Delta zone and were successful in capturing 4’4” gator, and a monster weighing 450 pounds that was 10’2” in length. It took 3 archery arrows and 45 minutes of fighting to get it in the boat.

Wendell Womack was drawn for the North Delta zone and asked Blake Williamson, Al Porter, and William Smith to be on his team. This team did not fare as well as the others in capturing gators but did not leave the Delta without an exciting night on the water.

Since the MDWFP established the alligator season a few years ago, Williamson and the teams he has been involved with, have been successful several times.

Anyone interested in obtaining an alligator permit must apply each year with the MDWFP for the zones that are open in Mississippi.