Students attend APEX

The APEX Summer Leadership Institute is designed to build skills and knowledge for high school teams who have been or are interested in implementing Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) in order to improve their school’s culture and climate and produce higher graduation rates for all students. The APEX Leadership Summit was a great experience for three Nanih Waiya seniors this summer. Warner Parkes, Jessie Roeland and Victoria Burton spent four days on the campus of The University of Mississippi. During the summit, they participated in various activities all over campus. A few of these included: a scavenger hunt, a dance/social, the Rebel Challenge Course, several team building exercises, a movie night, and designing a children’s toy.

The students also had the opportunity to go out into the city of Oxford and do community service at places such as the Boys & Girls Club, the Food Pantry and Oxford Recycling Center. The students learned a variety of things from how to handle college admissions to how to give a proper handshake. “There were a lot of great people and lots of fun things to do,” according to Jessie. The seniors join us in encouraging any upcoming senior of 2014 to turn in their application to attend the Apex Leadership Summit at Ole Miss.