Noxapater softball field lights are shining bright


We are all so pleased to finally have lights on the softball field. This has been an ongoing project for several years. The original request was made through the Noxapater Park Committee. Members of the park committee raised concern for this need at one of the Noxapater Community Alliance meetings, it was agreed to dedicate two of the annual Cotton Gin Car Show proceeds to create seed money to get the project off the ground. With the help from TVA and EMEPA, the Louisville Municipal School District got the job completed. Now that the lights are up, softball games can be scheduled at night so that parents can come and see their children play. The Noxapater community is proud to have the lights up and working. Thanks to everyone that helped make this project successful.

Robert Wall, Jessie Hudson, and James Robert Webb of the Cotton Gin Car Show present a check for $2,600.00 to Dr. Bill Wade of the Louisville Municipal School District.