Church begins collecting clothes for mission

By Elmetra Patterson

The Agape Baptist Church is a church in the community that strives to meet the spiritual and emotional needs of the whole man through Christ-like love. In July 2012 Agape and its pastor, Rev. Robert E. Brownlee, Sr., announced their campaign to collect clothes that would be distributed to places in Mississippi, Haiti and 3rd World Countries. This program is the Clothes for Christ Campaign. The goal is to completely fill a 53 foot trailer with clothes, shoes, purses, stuffed animals and bedding, except mattresses. Members, including Agape children, have been passing out flyers in various neighborhoods informing residents when the members will be back to pick up items to be donated to the campaign. Some people might find it convenient to drop items off at the church. The trailer is parked in the parking lot at the church and is unlocked daily for donations to be placed inside or in front of the trailer. Some people are placing items at the front door of the church when there is inclement weather. Those people that get a flyer are to place their donated items on the front porch at their home.

Rev. Robert E. Brownlee, Sr., is encouraging the entire community to become involved in this campaign. As many are aware, Haiti has been hit by Hurricane Isaac and there is more devastation added to what happened during the earthquake in 2010. Also, Rev. Brownlee announced a new program that will help to meet the needs of the whole man. The new program is the Soup and Coat Ministry which will kick off October 3, 2012. Residents will be able to come to Agape; have a bowl of hot soup and get a coat for the winter. No ID or applications will be required. Just drop by, hear a brief Word of God and leave with a full stomach and warm body.

Agape Baptist Church is located at 302 Ball Drive, Louisville, MS. Contact information for either program: 662.419-2386, 662.773-9521 or 662.773-8999