Budget talks held at city meeting

By Joseph McCain The Winston County Journal

City leaders in Louisville along with each department head discussed the proposed fiscal year 2013 budget in the August 21 regular meeting of the Louisville Board of Aldermen.

The budget includes those services most people associate with municipal government – street repair, park maintenance, firefighting, misdemeanor court hearings and the like. But it also funds the not-so- visible aspect of running a business, which the city is. Salaries, health insurance, office supplies, utilities and gas are among the costs tapping a majority of the city’s general fund.

The overall budget had a surplus of several thousand dollars. The city also has in the 2013 budget its plans to spend $2 million in General obligation bonds for street repair and maintenance along with the first payment on the loan.

The board held part of the discussion in executive session to discuss personnel, quality of work and pay rates in several departments. The budget must be adopted by September 15 and will go into effect Oct. 1.

In other business, the aldermen: • Discussed a rental property ordinance for the city along with costs of the ordinance and how to recoup funds spent on get everyone to comply with the ordinance. The goal of the ordinance would be to help keep properties clean in the community and have the city a way to better to have owners cleanup rundown rental properties. The board took no action on the ordinance but noted it need closer examination and possibly planned. • Discussed Jake’s Recycling and the company’s failure to meet the agreed upon land exchange requirements. • Extended cleanup time for 104 Thompson Street. • Set hearing date for Sept. 18 for cleanup of property at 345 Norht Church Street. • Approved transferring grant fund payments to pay for roof repairs at Polo building. • Approve payment for GIS redistricting to Golden Triangle Planning Development for $5,000 which is half of the GTPPD’s average price. • Accept retirement of firefighter Chris Crowson and plan recognition of his service to the city. • Approve Mayor Will Hill to attend Economic Development Course at USM. Hill earned a scholarship to pay for the class. • Approve two other personnel for regular training.