Congressman Nunnelee visits Taylor Machine Works

By Joseph McCain The Winston County Journal

Congressman Alan Nunnelee (R-Miss.) toured Taylor Machine Works August 15.

The congressman, who represents Mississippi’s First Congressional District, which now includes Winston County, is back home from Washington D.C. for five weeks after weeks of strenuous debt talks on Capitol Hill.

He is using the time to meet with the people of District 1 through town hall meetings and touring businesses because he said he wants to stay in tune with his constituents.

“I was looking forward to the opportunity to get to know more folks in Winston County and to listen to their concerns about the state of economy. The policies of the current administration have harmed job creation. We need to be about cutting red tape and reforming the tax code to make America a better place to do business,” Nunnelee said.

Nunnelee met with company leaders at Taylor’s Machine Works and received a tour of the facility from Lex Taylor.

Lex Taylor explained about some of the machines that the company made.

“We move things all over the world… especially large scale things,” said Taylor.

Nunnelee asked what concerned them about government.

The discussion hit on an array of issues but focused mainly OSHA and EPA rules which drastically increased cost in production and the cost of the final product.

“The emissions requirements on some of our equipment is astounding,” said one employee.

The need for an effective congress to get more timely rules in place was also discussed since companies are planning 5 to 10 years ahead but can run into problems with investment planning or equipment purchasing if the rules for depreciation and other regulations are unclear.

“We gladly follow all the rules but we need input form congress on well defined rules,” said Taylor.

Nunnelee is up for reelection in November and this the first time that most Winston Countians will be able to vote in the First Distric t races.