It’s Elementary by Brandy Blanton

School pictures will be taken on August 30th. Students may wear a shirt of their choice with uniform bottoms on this day only.

Thank you to Mrs. Jill Pearson for the donation that she made to the clothing closet. We try to keep a supply of uniforms, underwear, belts, socks, shoes, etc. available for any emergency situations that tend to arise from time to time. We are in need of new boy’s underwear and slightly used both boy’s and girl’s shoes. Anyone interested in donating to our clothing closet, can bring those by the school anytime; they will be greatly appreciated.

Parents, please fill out and turn in all papers that teachers have sent home. Make sure the school staff are aware of any needs your child may have. Also, please make sure that you list any and all allergies and illnesses that your child may have. Be sure to make the school aware of plenty reliable emergency contacts, in case the school has difficulty getting in touch with you. Instances do occur from time to time when the staff needs to get in contact with a relative of a student.

Please be aware that we cannot make bus changes over the phone. Parents must send a note with their child or come to the office and write a note requesting to change buses.

Thank you to all those who are saving coke tops and packages. Under the flaps of the 12-packs and 24-packs, there is a printed code that can be entered to earn points for our school. These codes can also be found in the caps of the Coke bottles. You can bring or send these tops and labels to the school at anytime. This includes any Coke product (Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Dasani Water, Minute Maid, Mellow Yello, Powerade, Fanta, Pibb-xtra, Vault, Fresca). Mrs. Pearson enters the codes in the My Coke Rewards program to earn points for our school. The school is then able to obtain PE equipment from the points earned.

Welcome to all our new teachers and staff who have come to Fair this year. We are happy to have Mrs. Leigh Ann Hailey as our new principal. Welcome Mr. Chet Wilkes as our new assistant principal. Welcome to Mrs. Ophelia Doss– she is our new assistant for Kindergarten. Welcome to Mrs. Linda Coleman and Ms. Shana Moore – they are our new assistants for first grade.

Mrs. Jordan Elizabeth Blackwell – she is our new Pre-K teacher . Mrs. Melanie Rodgers and Ms. Sasha Parks – these two are our new Kindergarten teachers. Ms. Charissa Jones – she is our new first grade teacher. We are happy to have Mrs. Beth Cutrer – she is our new second grade Reading teacher. Ms. Olivia Wilson – she is our new third grade Reading teacher. Welcome to Mrs. Elicia Griffin – she is our new third grade Math teacher. We are also happy to have Coach Chris Jones as one of the new P.E. coaches and Coach Kiley Ming as an assistant and P.E. coach. Welcome to our new school nurse Mrs. Brandy Blanton. We are glad to have you all on our team.

We are still collecting box tops this year for our school. Please help us in reaching our goal. Thanks to all of you for your continued support of our school!