New of the Past by C.J. Johnson

100 Years Ago – August 23, 1912 This edition was not available for review.

Ongoing news stories for the week of August 23, 1912 would be the trial of Swinton Permenter progressing at Winona, Mississippi; and plans for the Winston County Fair, scheduled for September 11 through the 13th, with races planned every afternoon. 75 Years Ago – August 20, 1937

FRONT PAGE: A father and son, from a well known black family living about seven miles north of town, died when they encountered gas in a well they were attempting to deepen. Both father and son had worked in the well Wednesday afternoon. On Thursday, the older son of Mel Yarbrough went back in the well to complete the job, but at once called out for his father to pull him up. Before Mr. Yarbrough could pull the young man to the top, his son fell out of the bucket, dead. Mr. Yarbrough went into the well to pull out his son, but he was also overtaken by gas. His second son brought his father to the top of the well, but the rope or chain came loose from his body and the father fell back into the well. Eventually, the bodies of both men were recovered.

LOUISVILLE: Born, to Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Sullivan, a fine boy on August 9th. – Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cooper, a baby girl on August 13th. – Mrs. Clifford Thrailkill of Yazoo City spent the week end here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Tabor. – Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Hollingsworth moved this week into the Community House where they will have charge of same.

A bountiful dinner was given in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Gradiffs, August 8th, in honor of Mrs. Gradiffs’ father, Mr. J. W. Williams, and brother-in-law, Mr. F. T. Wright. At noon dinner was spread in picnic style. Everyone seemed to have a nice time.

MARRIAGES: A marriage at Decatur joined Mr. S. A Wansley of Decatur and Miss Grace Smith, of Winston County, on August 4th. – Mr. James Elbert Hudson and Miss Maudie Lee Boykin, both of South Church Street, were married at the Baptist parsonage, Dr. J. N. McMillin officiating on Saturday night, August 14th. – Announcement was made of the marriage on May 30th of Mr. W. C. Lampley and Miss Kathleen Vowell, with the ceremony said by Rev. A. Y. Brown at Ackerman.

Mr. and Mrs. Mobley Estes were elated with joy and contentment the past Sunday, when for the first time in ten years, they had their children reunited for a family reunion. Three huge tables were set on the lawn, laden with all the good eats of a feast.

NOXAPATER: The young people who are ready for college are busily making ready to enter their chosen institution. – Mrs. Mary Sue Taylor had a tonsil operation at the Harrison Hospital in Philadelphia. – Mr. J. F. Webb and son Haskell visited Mr. and Mrs. Marshal Stokes in the Central community last Sunday. – Mrs. S. D. Lawrence of Rocky Hill spent Tuesday here in the home of Mrs. C. A. Jones.

The children, grandchildren and great grandchildren met in the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Chancellor at Fearn Springs and enjoyed one of the happiest reunions ever had. It was a surprise to the great grandmother, who finally understood, all were present for a reunion.